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Nobody gives in-depth unbiased product reviews while keeping the reader immersed with a riveting and humorous professional style like Bruce Pechman, The Muscleman of Technology. Whether it's sizzling new consumer hardware, an innovative software product, or the latest digital electronic gear, the Bruce will put your product through its paces. To have your product reviewed contact Bruce at

Bruce is the Special Features Editor for Gameworld Industries, home of and Gameworld Industries' web sites attract millions of gamers per month and generate hundreds of thousands of pageviews per day.

Many reviews are also distributed to the Association of Personal Computer User Groups ( The APCUG then distributes them to over 400 User Groups representing more than 300,000 members worldwide, including Australia, Canada, Great Britain, Japan, New Zealand, Russia, Ukraine, and the great USA. (Advance preview copies of product reviews are emailed to designated company contacts within two weeks of product receipt.)

Note: All articles and reviews below are in Adobe's PDF Format. If you need the free downloadable Adobe Acrobat Reader, click here. For permission to reprint articles or reviews, please email Bruce.

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muvee autoProducer 3

Adobe Photoshop CS

Business Plan Pro 2004 Premier


MultiAd Creator Desktop Professional 6.5

Macromedia Studio MX Plus



Adobe Photoshop Elements 2.0



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