Who is Bruce Pechman?

Bruce Pechman, The Muscleman of Technology, is America’s best built Technology, Fitness & Lifestyles TV Personality. Talk about “Stage Presence” and high energy…no TV correspondent even comes close to Bruce’s unforgettable brand, physique, gift of gab, personality, and high Q factor. Bruce’s moniker reflects 15+ years of industry technology expertise, with a lifetime of obsessive physique training and competitive bodybuilding.

"My mission is to educate in a dynamic and entertaining way. If my audience is bored, or if their eyes are drooping, then I have failed. I believe that in order to learn best and to be inspired, people must be engaged by the speaker. Remember...I Have Ways of Making You Listen!SM"


On-Air Talent

Bruce is a seasoned on-air talent with over 600 live TV appearances under his belt. He appears regularly on Los Angeles superstation KTLA (10 million household reach) and “Good Morning San Diego.” His highly entertaining live segments have quickly made him popular with Executive Producers, News Anchors and viewers. Bruce is available to appear as talent in your TV, video, or web production, to promote your company, product, or service. Click here now to book Bruce to appear on your shows and videos to add instant star power to your brand!



Product Endorsements / Spokesperson

Bruce with Jorge Cruise

Bruce has endorsed products from numerous companies including Sprint, Samsung, Circuit City, Casio, and DynaFlex International. He has appeared in publications including SkyMall Magazine (reaches over 600 million air travelers), Bottom Line Publications (circulation 1,000,000), and the Gadget Universe catalog. When Bruce endorses products, companies are able to associate Bruce’s goodwill, likeability, sincerity, and believability with their company. Contact us today to discuss endorsement opportunities for your company!


Speaking Engagements

Bruce is a natural crowd pleaser who speaks with energy and passion. He engages his audience, and is able to break down complex topics so that anyone can understand. Some of Bruce’s speaking engagements include the Southwest Computer Conference, The County of San Diego Aging Services, Annual Senior Learning Festival, 2011 Consumer Electronics Association Industry Forum, AARP National Convention, and numerous Master of Ceremony bookings. As Bruce likes to say, “I have ways of making you listen!” Click here now to have Bruce speak at your next event to ensure a successful inspiring experience with amazing door prizes!!


Live Event Appearances

Bruce is a master presenter—he brings energy and enthusiasm to every live event at which he appears! He creates a buzz of excitement, and can gather a crowd immediately that hangs on his every word. Bruce was Master of Ceremonies for Media Communications Association International and the Keynote Speaker for the Aging Summit in San Diego. Click here now to bring Bruce’s star power to your next event!!


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