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"Great Gadgets for Your Dorm"

Looking to have the best decorated and wired Dorm room on campus? Bruce Pechman, The Muscleman of Technology® is here to demonstrate some amazing tools and wacky Tech Products to make this semester your very best. From an Alarm Clock that runs away from you, to a portable Xbox 360 screen to play games without needing a TV!

  1. Clocky Rolling Alarm Clock
    www.thinkgeek.com   $49.99

    Hey kids—do you have trouble getting up or waking on time? This ingenious wheeled alarm clock will shriek annoyingly and quite effectively…wake you up. BUT WAIT, the fun doesn't end there, kiddies. It leaps off of your night stand, and drives around your room, making random turns and racing away from your grasp. Now you have to get out of bed and hunt the little bugger down to turn it off! A must for every student!

  1. Elvis Talking & Singing Robotic Head
    www.wowweealiveonline.com     MSRP $299.95

    Why not have the coolest Elvis robot in your room? Have a party everyday with an Elvis performance! This amazing talking robot from WowWee is a lifelike singing and talking bust of the best-selling solo artist in U.S. history. Designed using motion-captured facial animations and a leather jacket styled from the Elvis Presley '68 Comeback Special, the robot lets you listen to, sing along with, and learn more about the life of the King of Rock and Roll. He sings 8 songs, does 37 educational monologues, and had a microphone remote control. The robot offers four primary modes: Alive mode, which animates Elvis, tracks movements, and makes the occasional famous Elvis remark; Song mode, in which Elvis sings eight of his best-loved songs; Monologue mode, where Elvis describes his life and times; and Sing Through mode, which lets you sing along with Elvis or turn his vocals down and sing over the top (requires separately sold microphone). The robot is the next-best thing to inviting the King himself into your living room, and offers the added bonus of being physically possible.

  1. Oreck XL Tabletop Professional Air Purifier
    www.oreck.com   $469.95

    Absolutely the greatest innovation in air purification technology! The Oreck XL Tabletop Professional Air Purifier uses the same technology used on the U.S. submarine fleet—the Oreck 6-stage filtration system with Truman Cell technology! This next-generation technology removes harmful particles as small as 0.1 microns. That's about 1/100th the diameter of a human hair (in contrast, HEPA filters only capture particles as small as 0.3 microns). You all know the stench of college dorm rooms or any office over time. Why not effectively remove the causes of indoor air pollution, leaving clean, crisp, breathable air. Allergens, bacteria, mold, viruses and fungi are captured and destroyed. Unpleasant household odors are gone. Not only will the quality of your air improve, but you'll dust less, too. Permanent Filter with lifetime warranty never needs replacing, plus a 60 day risk free trial! Lifetime warranty on Collector Cell.

  1. iMep - Mobile Multimedia Entertainment Player
    www.i-mep.com   $299.99

    3P Electronics announces the release of the iMep! This is the ultimate mobile multimedia entertainment player which is perfect for any dorm, home, or office. You get it all with the iMep, including a 7” LCD screen, iPod dock (projects the new video iPod on the 7” screen), CD/DVD player, TV tuner, SD memory card slot, USB flash drive slot, and an AM/FM radio to boot. The iMep sports solid construction and is equipped with two 10-watt 3” speakers along with proprietary light-absorbing technology (LAT). LAT technology is a black rubberized material that both absorbs light to reduce glare and is great for resisting moisture. The iMep also has an amazing array of inputs and outputs to support almost any single device you can think of. For more, see their web site www.i-mep.com. Also includes A/C adapter or works with 8 D-cell batteries.

  1. Herman Miller Leaf Light
    www.hermanmiller.com     $499.99

    The elegant Leaf Light, a result of more than three years of collaborative engineering and design development between Herman Miller and Yves Behar's San Francisco-based studio. Its thin profile is derived from a lower blade that extends and swivels 180 degrees while supporting a matching upper blade that can be folded close for subtle, ambient light or raised vertically for wall illumination. The underlying proprietary technology also addresses the most vexing problems in existing LED solutions—heat build-up and light intensity. Leaf manages heat differently. Its LEDs stay cool to the touch through the use of a patent-pending heat distribution system, achieved through an engineered heat sink and the stamp-formed, sculptural aluminum blade that allows heat to be dispersed and released without the use of a cooling fan. An integrated microprocessor allows the user to control both the light intensity and warm-to-cool light color within the LED driver circuits, using separate touch controls on the base. The microprocessor also remembers the intensity and color variation setting that the user last selected when the light is reactivated. Standard colors include red, white, nickel, and black.

  1. Koncept’s High Power i-Tower LED Floor Lamp
    www.konceptech.com     $199.95

    The new “High Power” lamp gives a brighter and broader light compared with the original, while consuming only 8.8 Watts (less than what the original consumes), and has a built-in 4-step dimmer. Available in daylight (~5500 Kelvin) and warm-white (~3500 Kelvin) light models.

  1. Xbox 360 Portable LCD Monitor (9.2" Widescreen)
    www.mojoplay.com     MSRP $149.  Model # MP-920XB

    This display is 9.2 inch LCD monitor that can be integrated right on the top of your Xbox 360 console…no need for a separate TV! Resolution is 800 x 480 pixels which is pretty high for a small monitor. It attaches beautifully to the top of the Xbox 360 and you can fold it while it is strapped on the console. Stereo speakers are built in—2 outputs for headphones. A must for the dorm room.

  1. The Original Marshmallow Shooter
    www.thinkgeek.com      $22.99

    The Marshmallow Shooter is an excellent addition to the dorm room or office! Arsenal is shooting yummy confections over 30 feet. It is easy to fire and reload, making it perfect for quick attacks (or rapid defense). The Shooter holds up to 20 marshmallows for extended Dorm or Office campaigns, and is capable of rapid fire for laying down cover for coworkers. The ultimate fun toy and Creative Child Magazine’s 2004 Seal of Excellence Winner, is an excellent addition to the home or office. The easy-to-refill magazine holds over 20 marshmallows for fast, nonstop action.

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