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"Back to School Tech"

Hey kids—don’t be blue just because it’s “Back to School” time! Bruce Pechman, The Muscleman of Technology® demonstrates several amazing tools and assorted Tech Products to make this semester your very best. From the latest Microsoft student focused software to help your grades, to Franklin’s amazing new Speaking Global Translator!

  1. Rosetta Stone Lanquage Learning Software
    www.rosettastone.com     Spanish Level 1 ($209)    Spanish Level 1 & 2($339)    Spanish Level 1,2 & 3 ($499)

    The Fastest Way To Learn Spanish, Guaranteed! With Rosetta Stone, you will learn Spanish the way you learned your own native language, without translation or memorization. Native speakers, real-life images, speech recognition and fully interactive software teach you like you learned your first language—naturally. Rosetta Stone is self-contained and intuitive to use. There are no complicated lists to memorize or handbooks to read. With Dynamic Immersion™, you can start learning immediately. Join NASA, Fortune 500® executives, U.S. diplomats and millions of learners worldwide in discovering the fastest way to learn Spanish. Every CD-ROM purchase is backed by our unconditional 6-month money back guarantee! For special Back to School offers, see the Rosetta Stone web site above.

    Levels 1, 2 & 3 Box Set Shown Today Include:

    10,000+ real life images and phrases in 312 lessons An average of 850 hours of instruction depending on your learning style Picture, video, and narrative lessons covering life skills in four areas: transportation, housing, shopping, and employment

  1. Creative ZEN Stone & Zen Stone Plus Mp3 Players
    www.creative.com     ZEN Stone $39.99   -   ZEN Stone Plus $69.95

    The new Creative ZEN Stone is a tiny (featherweight) 1GB MP3 player priced at only US$39.99! The ZEN Stone features a smooth contoured design, so it feels naturally comfortable in your hand. Pick your color, comes in black, white, red, blue, pink and green, to fit any mood or fashion. Listen up to 10 hours of your favorite music (holds about 250 songs) from a single charge.

    The ZEN Stone Plus is a 2GB MP3 Player which adds more song holding capacity (almost 500 songs) and adds a circular style hi-res OLED display readout. The Zen Stone Plus also adds an FM radio with 32 pre-sets, stopwatch, clock, voice recorder and more.

    The Creative TravelSound ZEN Stone Speaker Dock $39.99
    The Creative ZEN Stone has its own unique docking speaker system called the “TravelSound ZEN Stone”. Using micro drivers, this versatile and perfectly portable speaker system provides crystal clear sound for more than 20 hours of great entertainment anywhere you go (powered by 2 AAA alkaline batteries)!

  1. Casio Thin Card Camera- The Exilim EX-S880
    www.casio.com   MSRP $299.99

    Perfect for students because of its credit card thin design and new “YouTube” capture Mode (The Muscleman of Technology personal favorite)! This stylish burgundy colored 8.1 megapixel EX-S880 is the latest addition to the popular EXILIM camera series. Why perfect for students? The new “YouTube Capture Mode” means you can instantly upload your videos in the optimum format (MPEG-4 H.264 high quality video) with included software bundle. Also includes new auto-tracking Auto-Focus system using motion analysis technology—maintains both sharp focus and correct exposure for a human face. Wide viewing angle, 2.8-inch super bright wide screen LCD display, and anti-shake DSP makes this camera an outstanding value! Available in Black or Burgundy (Red).

  1. Franklin “Speaking” Global Translator (12 Languages)
    www.franklin.com     Model: TGA-490   MSRP $229.95

    Almost as essential as your passport! Get this: The Speaking Global Translator contains over 450,000 words, 12,000 phrases, and speaks 115,000 words—all in recorded human voice.

    Contains 12 languages (and translations) to and from: Chinese (Mandarin), Dutch, English, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Polish, Portuguese, Russian and Spanish. Enter a word in your native language and this indispensable travel tool will speak and show the translation in your language and the language you seek. A voice recording feature allows you to record custom words and phrases appropriate to travel or business needs. The predictive spelling feature can help you with misspelled words. 7-line screen aids visibility in this lightweight unit.

  1. Casio’s New Graphing Calculator - FX-9860G Slim
    www.casioeducation.com     MSRP $99.95

    Super cool folding calculator (7/8” at its thickest point) that does it all! A huge high contrast back-lit display with an easy-to-use icon menu system. Includes USB connectivity to computer (cable included), 1.5 MB flash memory and a natural display option allowing for input and viewing of equations exactly as they appear in the textbook. Also includes syntax help and an on-board function manual, eliminating the need to carry the instruction manual. Includes integrated MP3 player, 5 games, ear buds, & A/C adapter! (recommended for 8th Grade through college).

    * Casio is offering a multi-module online training course called “fx-9860G Slim 101 Online Training Course” to help students maneuver through the calculator’s features.

  1. Planet Earth: The Complete Series (4-Disc DVD Set)
    www.amazon.com     Blu-ray Format $99.98    HD DVD Format $79.98

    BBC VIDEO™ proudly presents the most stunning portrait of our planet ever filmed in the groundbreaking DVD Box Set narrated by Sir David Attenborough. Filmed entirely in HD, this stunning documentary film will be a welcome educational experience that will captivate any audience. Five years in the making and filmed in over 200 locations using a revolutionary photography system to capture over 60 television firsts! Keep in mind Planet Earth is the most expensive and innovative factual series in BBC history.

  1. ViewSonic VX2435 HD Quality Computer Display
    www.viewsonic.com     $699.00

    NOTE: We featured Planet Earth on ViewSonic’s stunning 24” HD LCD Display:

    ViewSonic's VX2435wm widescreen LCD display transforms your desktop into an Entertainment Center! Huge 24" display with HDMI, DVI and other video connections. Let’s you select the best input source for your digital entertainment. ViewSonic’s ClearMotiv 8ms video response delivers broadcast-quality, full-motion video. The Ultra-High 1000:1 Contrast Ratio (typ) and super high brightness produce remarkably bright, rich colors. Integrated digital speakers and VESA wall-mount compliance reduce desktop clutter.

  1. Microsoft Student with Encarta Premium 2008
    www.microsoft.com     $49.95

    A great companion for students—find information quickly and easily, improve your study skills, and accelerate your learning process. Microsoft Student 2008 is a software package of integrated tools and trusted information to help students with homework assignments in math, science, foreign language, social studies and language arts. Microsoft Student 2008 provides the trusted homework tools and resources you need for academic success. With tools for Office designed just for students, graphing/scientific calculator software, Web search companion, homework starters and trusted content from Encarta Premium. Get students past the blank page and start creating reports and presentations easily!

  1. Kensington Ci70LE Wireless Mouse
    www.kensington.com      MSRP $39.99 (Model 72275)

    Comfort, mobility and sleek good looks all come together with the Ci70 Wireless Mouse. A design up to 35% thinner than a standard mouse helps the Ci70 optimize desk space and travel easily. Plus the automatic sleep state conserves battery power when not in use. Symmetrical design works with both right and left hand!

    Also on display: Ci85m QuickStart Wireless Notebook Mouse (Model 72287) $39.99

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