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"Hi-Tech Vacation Gear"

Everyone has vacation on their mind as we kick into the "Dog Days of Summer"! The Muscleman of Technology has Tech related vacation gear to make your travel plans more convenient and fun! For the more adventurous types, Bruce demo'd road worthy emergency gear such as a wind-up Illuminator integrated radio and flashlight solution which requires no batteries! You don't want to leave home without checking out these products first!

  1. Road Genie Audio Navigation
    www.roadgenie.com   MSRP $49.95

    The voice-activated Road Genie Audio Navigation System provides detailed customized directions between cities (250 major cities & 80,000 Interstate Services) and locates services near the Interstate highways and toll roads. Services such as gas, food, motels, 24-hour food, 24-hour gas, hospitals, shopping malls, rest areas, and campgrounds can be selected and located along the route. They can also be selected and located by brand name, if desired. The time and distance to the service from the user's location is given as well as the exit and directions from the exit. The Road Genie is a low-cost alternative to GPS at one-tenth the cost and is easier to use! Verbal output makes reading the display unnecessary.

  1. DocuPen RC800 Pen Scanner By PLANon Systems Solutions
    www.planon.com     MSRP $300.00

    The RC800 is capable of storing hundreds of pages into memory and it takes just seconds to scan a page. Choose the mode you want to scan: black and white, standard color or high 24 bit color and the resolution from 100 to 400 dpi. Now you can scan your letters, color documents, pictures and bring them into Paperport software (included with the Docupen). The DocuPen is different from other pen sized scanners in that it scans a FULL PAGE width and therefore scans the entire page including text and graphics in as little as 4 seconds.

  1. Sprint TREO 700P Smart Device
    www.sprint.com   MSRP $399 with Service, $649 without service

    It's a Phone and a PDA computer! A great way to stay connected to everyone whether on vacation or business.all at broadband speeds (thanks to Sprint's PowerVision EVDO service)! You want it-you got it, including web browsing and email access, over 50 channels of TV, SD card expansion slot, On Demand customized up-to-date web content (sports, weather, news, money and movie information with the push of a button), MP3 player, built-in Bluetooth Wireless Technology, GPS capable, built-in 1.3 Megapixel camera and shoots video as well, calendar & contact scheduler, speakerphone, huge Hi-Res display, QWERTY keyboard, and PALM Operating System! See the Sprint site above for all the details.

  1. Sony PlayStation Portable (PSP)
    www.gamestop.com   MSRP $199.00 (Memory Stick Pro Duo extra)

    The Sony PlayStation Portable or PSP provides an astonishing entertainment experience in one portable device! The gorgeous LCD screen is designed for viewing media in the wide screen 16x9 format in almost HD quality. Play great games, watch movies on the UMD (Universal Media Disc) or from the internal Memory Stick Pro Duo card, view photos, and listen to digital music. Plus wireless connectivity is built-in so you can play multiplayer games over a wireless network! There are over 100 PSP games currently in development.

    Three Great Accessories for the PlayStation Portable:

    • SanDisk Memory Stick Pro Duo

    • You'll want to add a SanDisk Memory Stick Pro Duo card from 1GB to 4GB to store extra movies, videos, photos, and music on your PSP.

    • World Tour Soccer 06 Game - $39.99

    • Attempt to dominate the globe in the World Tour Mode as you take on the world's best from Africa, Asia, North America, South America and Europe. Slide into Medal Mode and experience numerous challenging new mini games where points and medals are awarded for solid soccer play.

    • JBL OnTour Plus - $129.99

    • The stereo mini jack connection allows you to enjoy high-quality audio from a variety of devices, including Sony PlayStation Portable (PSP) and other game consoles, MP3 and CD players, and desktop and laptop computers (all platforms).

  1. Illuminator Flashlight AM/FM Radio
    www.mfagifts.com   MSRP $19.99

    Never again get caught without a working flashlight or radio! The Radio Illuminator never needs batteries or bulbs. The ultra bright LED's emit an intense bright light with a few cranks on the dynamo handle. AM/FM radio operates from the same renewable energy source. Compact size fits perfectly in a drawer, glove box, emergency kit, tool box - anywhere you might need light and a radio. Operates with one or three LED's-convenient wrist strap and retractable antenna!

  1. Zip It Gear
    www.zipitgear.com   Prices vary depending on style/model

    A local San Diego company celebrating their 4th year of business started in Evan's Bachelor Pad in Pacific Beach! You'll love Zip It Gear's innovative travel security apparel-everything they make includes a secure hidden zipper pocket! Although mostly socks and caps, their designs are totally hip and awesome.

  1. OHSO Marko Pocket Toothbrush with Vented Cap
    www.GoOhso.com   MSRP $19.99

    The OHSO Marko is the ultimate travel toothbrush combining style and functionality! Get this-the toothpaste is stored in the handle for safe keeping. Designed as a toothbrush, toothpaste dispenser! Designed for portability, the OHSO Marko can be carried in a coat pocket, computer case or purse without the risk of leaking. The OHSO holds enough toothpaste for a week's use. A convenient clear side window indicates the supply of toothpaste. Since the OHSO is self-dispensing, there is no mess involved. Compact, rugged and durable so it won't leak! Includes replacement bristle head and available in either clear or metal finish.

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