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Bruce's August 1, 2006 Theme:

"Tech Gear for Staying Cool"

Has the current San Diego "Heat Wave" got you feeling down, blue, and tired? Have no fear, The Muscleman of Technology has several COOL gadgets to perk you up and help you beat the heat. We have something for everyone to help deal with with this unseasonable hot weather spell-even a freezable pet drinking dish for your beloved pet!

  1. Chill-A-Bowl Pet Drinking Dish
    www.smarthome.com   Special: 2 for $14.99

    Give your best friend a Cold One! Your pet loves and enjoys cold drinks just like you do. The Chill-A-Bowl is an absolutely ingenious idea-it's a permanently sealed refreezable water bowl! Simply place the bowl in your freezer for about 3 or 4 hours and then fill with water for your pet to enjoy those ice-cold drinks! Why not get 2—while one is in use…the other is chilling.

  1. Cool-IT USB Beverage Chiller
    www.coolitsystems.com     $29.99 at CompUSA & Fry's Electronics

    The Cool It Beverage Chiller is the perfect way to keep your drinks nice and cool while you work or play at your computer! Compact and simple to use-perfect for home or office. Keeps drinks cold to 45 degrees; simply plug into any USB port.

  1. Kensington USB FlyFan
    www.kensington.com   Model 62648  MSRP $9.99

    Keep your cool while at your computer this summer! You'll get a breath of fresh air with this Kensington Mobile USB FlyFan. The soft, safe nylon blades replace still, stagnant air with a steady stream of cool air. Features a flexible gooseneck for easy positioning, plugs into USB port and is compact and lightweight. Very quiet!

  1. Vornado Air Room Circulators
    www.vornado.com or www.bedbathandbeyond.com   Price varies depending on model: $19.99 to $100.00

    Escape the scorching heat with Vornado Air Circulators-in business over 60 years! On display was the Zippy Personal Fan-whisper quiet this is a small fan with a big attitude. Available in 5 cool colors: Platinum, Black, Yellow, Orange, and Green. Soft safe nylon blades, adjusts to any angle, foldable, 2-speed settings and complete with 3 year warranty!

    From Vornado's "High-Performance Whole Room Air Circulators" line we featured the new 630B ($60.00) and larger model 723B ($100). Vornado's unique deep-pitched propeller scoop system is highly effective at moving huge volumes of air to cool down rooms. Combined with the Inlet Air Accelerator initiates Vornado's signature vortex (tornado-like) air circulation-special Airtensity front grill focuses the air into a tight beam traveling up to 70 feet! Unlike a fan, Vornado ensures whole room comfort from floor to ceiling and wall to wall-simply the best!

    In hot weather, Vornado circulators create refreshing breezes by circulating cool air from an open window or central air system, so the air conditioner can be set at a higher temperature.

  1. Sakar's Cooler Sound Case
    www.sakar.com   MSRP $49.00

    Sakar's Cooler Sound Case is the perfect companion for keeping food & drinks cold while allowing busy music lovers to eat and listen while on the go. This awesome cooler picnic sound case is weatherproof and will fit iPods, MP3 players, or digital music players with built-in speakers and an insulated compartment designed for carrying food and drinks. The 14" x 10" x 10" case is wired for sound and includes integrated speakers that amplify audio so users can listen to (and share) their favorite music no matter where they may be. Runs on 9-volt battery-receives audio feed through built-in connector that plugs into the media device's headphone jack. Available at Marshalls.

  1. Xantrex Products Back-Up Power Systems - PowerSource 400
    www.xantrex.com   MSRP $199.00

    The XPower PowerSource 400 switches to backup power automatically when a power outage occurs. This happens seamlessly so that the electronic devices that are hooked up to it won't sense the power outage. They'll run off the XPower PowerSource 400's charged battery for hours. When grid power returns, the XPower PowerSource 400 switches the devices back to utility power, recharges its internal battery and enters a standby mode until the next outage occurs. Run home/office devices for up to 8 hours!

  1. Halo Headbands
    www.haloheadband.com   MSRP $12.00 - $25.00

    If you must be outside in this heat, Halo Headbands will keep sweat (or sunscreen) out of your eyes, and off your face or glasses while playing or working. A local San Diego company, Halo Headbands feature patented "SWEAT-BLOCK' technology keeping a water-tight seal which keeps sweat out of your eyes. Non-slip surface keeps band in place. Basically a sweat gutter channels your sweat away from your eyes! All products feature "Odor-free" "VisaEndurance Fabric" (made from microfiber polyester that has been embedded with SILVER IONS to prevent the growth of bacteria & smells)!

  1. Brookstone Electronic Drink Caddie
    www.brookstone.com   SKU# 492843  MSRP $99.00

    Looks like a genuine club, but it's not! Under the guise of a real club head, the Drink Caddie features a 54 ounce insulated cooler that sits discreetly in the side compartment of your golf bag. Stays cold for 5 hours-batteries included!

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