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"Hi-Tech Pets"

Do you love pets? Do you want to see the latest & greatest pet products, innovations, and pet novelty items for Fido? Be prepared to see bionic song birds with realistic movement of the bird’s beak, head and tail. The Muscleman of Technology went shopping for all the latest Pet Gadgets and shows us the very best for your pets.

  1. Komfort Pets Climate-Controlled Pet Carrier
    www.komfortpets.com or 1-888-929-0077    MSRP $399.99

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    The revolutionary Komfort Pets Carrier is the world's first “Climate-Controlled Pet Carrier” designed to automatically keep your pets cool when it's too hot (AND keep them warm when it's too cold). It is surprisingly affordable and can be used in cars, SUVs, RVs, rental cars, boats, or in your home. The Komfort Pets Carrier can be taken or used almost anywhere. The patented temperature control system is designed to complement the natural methods by which a pet regulates its own body temperature—by using both conduction and convection simultaneously. The Komfort Pets Carrier provides a comfortable cooled or heated sanctuary for cats, dogs, rabbits, or just about any other household pet. If you care about your pet well-being, you should invest in this innovative “Climate-Controlled Pet Carrier”!

    NOTE: The Komfort Pets Carrier can be customized for police and military applications, and is available with an interlocking stackable top for the show dog circuit and other uses.

  1. GoDogGo
    www.buygodoggo.com   MSRP $149.95

    GoDogGo™ is the first and only remote controlled Automatic Fetch Machine for dogs! Now your dog can play fetch by himself. It works great—the GoDogGo tennis ball launcher was designed to provide hours of healthy exercise and enjoyment for your dog. Works on batteries for outdoor fun, or just plug-in with included A/C cord. The remote control has 3 modes. In the two automatic modes, your GoDogGo will launch tennis balls to your dog every 7 or 15 seconds. In the manual mode, your GoDogGo will launch a new ball with each press of the button. Train your dog to simply drop the balls back in the oversized bucket—even if Fluffy doesn’t, you can always reload the bucket yourself. Remember, GoDogGo has both automatic and manual ball launch settings. Adjustable throw distance from 15 to 30 Feet and includes 6 tennis balls!

  1. Chatterbowl
    www.chatterbowl.com     MSRP $24.95

    Everybody is going to love the Chatterbowl—now you can leave a recorded message in your own voice to keep your pet company while you are away from home. Yes, it’s a Talking Pet Bowl! Leave any message for your pet up to 10 seconds long and every time dog or cat goes to eat, drink or walk by…the Chatterbowl will play your message! This product is also a big help for pets with Separation Anxiety as well.

  1. Takara’s Cat Attack
    www.toysrus.com     MSRP $19.99   Toys “R” Us SKN# 988235 (and petco.com)

    The world’s first remote controlled cat toy exerciser has finally arrived! Attached to the top of the plastic cat on wheels is a yellow wand with a pompom which emulates the movements and personality of a cat’s favorite prey. Don’t laugh, because this technology utilizes algorithms based on a six-dimensional “Coupled Nzmap System” modeled on the neural network of a real mouse. All you need to know is when the wand dips, sways and bobs crazily, it will incite your cats to swipe the wand with their paws, batting and chasing it as they play wildly! You control the plastic cat via remote control.

  1. The PetSafe Micro I.D. Rescue Collar
    www.petsafemicroid.com     MSRP $49.99 (Available at Petco)

    The PetSafe Micro I.D. Rescue Collar is the ultimate pet protection system with convenient features even today’s best micro-chipping systems can’t offer. Worn as an everyday dog or cat collar, a “USB Flash Drive” is hidden inside the collar to store all of your pet’s personalized data. If a pet wearing the PetSafe Micro I.D. Rescue Collar is ever lost, the flash drive on the collar can be plugged right into any computer with a USB port to identify the pet. No need for an inconvenient vet visit to scan information. You don’t have to worry about computer viruses and there are no batteries to buy. The rescue collar contains a pet profiler that includes: home, work and cell phone numbers, vet records with any medical concerns, pet personality and even pet photos! The collar also sports a toll-free number connecting callers to the optional PetSafe Rescue Service in case an Animal Control Officer or helpful stranger finds your pet and doesn’t have access to a computer.

  1. The QuickFinder Nail Clipper
    www.quickfinderclipper.com     $19.95 to $29.95

    The QuickFinder is a new and revolutionary tool which uses medical technology to detect your pet’s quick before you clip—never again worry about cutting into your dog, cat, bird, or small animals’ quick again! Patented “QuickSensor” technology guarantees you know where the quick is by watching the indicator light turn green. Safe, easy, and fast to use. The QuickFinder is made from the finest quality stainless steel which will give long-lasting sharp cutting edge. Start cutting your animals’ nails with confidence—effortlessly and precisely! Includes batteries and in-depth instructions.

  1. Oliver’s Paw Pal Automatic Nail Grinder
    www.brooksgrove.com     MSRP $89.00

    A revolutionary and safe nail grinder developed and invented by local San Diego entrepreneur. Designed for pet owners and endorsed by professionals. This beautiful piece of grooming equipment is manufactured by world renowned “Kim Laube Manufacturing” right here in USA. Features include long lasting rechargeable battery pack, adjustable guard and angle positions, and magnifying lens to make nail grinding easier. Adjustable speeds, dust collector, and anti-tangle safety clutch round out the feature set. Another great alternative to pet nail clipping!

  1. Breezy Singers
    www.therobotstore.com      Each Bird: $14.99

    Imagine having realistic life-like birds in your own home! These animated robotic wild birds sing and move their heads, beaks and tails just like the real species they mimic. Tiny motion activated photo sensors hidden in their breasts react to a change in light or motion causing the birds to break into their natural song and get lively. Their bird calls are so accurate they were authorized and recorded by the Cornell Lab of Ornithology. Excellent gift for any bird lover—imagine putting one in a decorative bird cage!

  1. Visiglo Lighted Leashes & Collars
    www.visiglo.com     Lighted Leashes $24.99  Lighted Collars $19.99

    The new “Visiglo” line of glowing dog collars and leashes are totally the coolest! The Visiglo leashes and collars are absolutely the best design I’ve seen for keeping your pets safe at night. Available in many super bright designs, Visiglo’s glowing pet accessories will keep you and your pet safe AND stylish. All Visiglo illuminated leashes include padded handles, bone shaped battery packs, “AA” batteries, and stay bright for 48 hours! Check out their web site above for all the styles and details!

  1. Dirt Devil “Purpose for Pets
    www.walmart.com     MSRP $87.73

    If you have unpleasant pet odors or stains in your carpet or upholstery, then you need the Dirt Devil “Purpose for Pets” Portable Extractor. The lightweight and compact design is ideal for easy cleanup of everyday messes as well. The High-Tech three-inch scrub brush has an integrated black light which illuminates hidden pet stains. This appliance is packed with features for all-purpose cleaning, too. Exclusive scrub brush with integrated black light illuminates hidden pet stains

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