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"Hot Digital Cameras & Accessories"

Digital Cameras are one of the fastest growing consumer categories…and everyone is either buying or thinking about upgrading! Want to know the hot trends and features for 2007? The Muscleman of Technology will show us a few amazing Digital Cameras as well as accessories to help you get even more fun, excitement, and convenience from your trusty digital friend.

  1. SANYO Xacti E1
    www.sanyodigital.com   $499

    The SANYO Xacti E1 is waterproof—ideal for active families, vacationers and water sports enthusiasts! The ultra-compact E1 can record high-quality video and 6-megapixel stills under water to a depth of five feet for up to one hour at a time. Easy to operate with only one hand, it’s an ideal camcorder to take to the beach or lake for activities such as swimming, snorkeling, surfing and water-skiing. The E1 shoots TV-quality MPEG-4 video and utilizes the state-of-the-art Advanced Video Codec AVC/H.264. The E1 delivers a significant 25 percent reduction in video file size, along with improved video quality versus traditional MPEG-4 recordings. Completely “tapeless,” the device records both video and still images to a standard SD memory card or high-capacity SDHC card.The SANYO Xacti E1 will be available in about 2 weeks (mid June) and comes in 3 colors: eye-catching blue, yellow and white.

  1. Digital HERO 3 By GoPRO
    www.goprocamera.com   $139.99

    GoPro introduces an all season and all sport WRIST camera—engineered to make it easy to shoot photos and video during your favorite activity, no matter how mild or extreme! The Digital HERO 3 packs in a 3-megapixel sensor for high resolution photos and TV resolution video delivered at a smooth 30 frames per second with sound to boot. The new Digital HERO 3 is shockproof/waterproof to 100 feet deep. The Digital HERO 3 has 16MB of onboard memory and can accept up to a 2GB SD flash card for more storage. A 2GB SD card will hold more than 2500 photos or up to 54 minutes of continuous video.

  1. Casio Pink Stylish 10 Megapixel Digital Camera
    www.casio.com   $299.99

    The fashionable, 10.1 megapixel Exilim Z1050 is perfect for Mother’s Day! A host of high performance features in a compact body. This 10.1 megapixel digital camera will enable you to capture high-resolution images that reproduce crystal-clear even when printing very large sizes. Equipped with a newly developed 2.6-inch wide and bright LCD that is nearly three times brighter than previous models and a 3x optical zoom, this camera will allow you to enjoy a wide viewing angle while feeling closer to your subject. The camera has the “Super Life Battery” which will take up to 370 shots on a full charge!

  1. Adobe Photoshop Elements 5.0 plus Adobe Premiere Elements 3.0
    www.adobe.com   MSRP $149.99

    The all new Adobe Photoshop Elements 5 and Adobe Premiere Elements 3 software combines two powerful, intuitive products in one affordable package so you can do more with your videos and digital photos. Representing an awesome value, Adobe’s brand new Premiere Elements software is the perfect combination of creative control for home video editing. It automates the tedious tasks and lets you create and experiment with transitions, titles, audio tracks and burn your project to DVD. Comes with “getting started” training materials for both programs.

  1. Adobe Photoshop CS3 Extended
    www.adobe.com   Full Version is $999 and Upgrade is $349

    Photoshop CS3 and Photoshop CS3 Extended are at the heart of the Photoshop family. The Photoshop family of products is the ultimate playground for bringing out the best in your digital images and transforming them into anything you can imagine. New to the Photoshop family, Adobe Photoshop CS3 Extended delivers everything in Photoshop CS3 and more. Render and incorporate 3D images into your 2D composites. Stop time with easy editing of motion graphics on video layers. And probe your images with measurement, analysis, and visualization tools. Ideal for photographers and designers, the professional standard delivers new features such as automatic layer alignment and blending that enable advanced compositing. Live filters boost the comprehensive, nondestructive editing toolset for increased flexibility. And a streamlined interface and new, timesaving tools make your work flow faster.

  1. Polaroid Media Backup – Photo Edition
    www.goclickfree.com    ($120 at Wal-Mart)

    Polaroid Media Backup – Photo Edition enables consumers to back up photos from their personal computer by simply plugging the device into a USB port. It immediately searches the computer for all digital images and copies them over to the device without having to install or configure any software. Photo Edition contains a 2.5” hard drive that will hold up to 40,000 photos and is available in two colors, Black model# CGA02540 and White CGA02541. In addition to backing up photos, the device has several other convenient features, including the ability to home print and burn a CD from the device. It can also create wallpaper from your photos with a touch of a button.

Education and Learning

Want to learn a little more about Digital Photography & Video? Want to learn how to make your pictures even better and create beautiful projects with your Digital Camera? The Muscleman of Technology has provided some terrific training materials and books to help you understand your camera and the new medium of Digital Video!

Here are some great books and training materials featured in today’s segment all available from:

  1. Peachpit Press

    Photoshop Elements 5: Visual QuickStart Guide ($21.99)

    The Photoshop Elements 5 Restoration and Retouching Book ($34.99)

    The Photoshop Elements 5 Book for Digital Photographers ($39.99)

    Adobe Photoshop CS3 Classroom in a Book 49.95

    Adobe Photoshop Elements 5.0 and Adobe Premiere Elements 3.0 Classroom in a Book Collection $54.00

  1. Blue Crane

    Training DVD’s
    Take great pictures with your Digital SLR Camera! All you need is this training DVD and about two hours, and you’ll have the knowledge and the confidence to create the images you want. The topics are arranged in chapters, so you can move at your own pace, and return later to individual subjects. Here are just a few samples we had on display:
    Canon Digital Rebel XTi / EOS 400D Training DVD Nikon D40/D40x Training DVD

    inBrief Field Guides to your Camera
    When you are in the field, you need quick and accurate answers to achieve the best shot. We developed the inBrief line of camera guides so you can get the answers, and more importantly, the shot you want. Each card is divided into eight color-coded panels. If you have a question about metering or bracketing, simply look at the yellow panel.

    Shoot Great Viedo with you MiniDV Camcorder
    NEVER SHOOT BORING VIDEO AGAIN! This 71 minute DVD will cut weeks or months off your learning curve. We'll show you how to make great videos with no additional investment in expensive software or hardware. Get the results you want without going to film school! We'll take you through the steps that great storytellers use to captivate their audience. You'll learn the techniques and visual grammar that filmmakers have used for over a hundred years.

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