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Bruce's May 22, 2006 Theme:

"American Idol Mania"

Are you caught up in the frenzy of America's number one TV show American Idol? Do you want to feel like an American Idol? Wednesday May 24th is the American Idol season 5 Finale! If you don't think American Idol is a cultural phenomenon, consider these facts:

  1. The American Idol Final next Wednesday will be the most expensive and sought after season-ender, and could top 29.4 million viewers
  2. According to Advertising Age Magazine, it'll take $1.3 million to buy a 30 second spot on the hottest TV-show "American Idol Finale"

Bruce Pechman, The Muscleman of Technology is a huge American Idol fan. Bruce got us pumped-up and caught up in all the hype and excitement with official American Idol products from the series.

  1. American Idol Microphone Shower Radio
    www.mfagifts.com   MSRP $9.95

    Discover your star potential with The American Idol Microphone Shower Radio! This is a battery operated AM/FM shower radio that has the appearance and shape of a real microphone and features the trademark American Idol logo. If you love singing in your shower, you will absolutely love The American Idol Microphone Shower Radio. The American Idol Microphone Shower Radio is water resistant, has adjustable controls and includes a suction cup holder for in-shower use. Requires 2 "AAA" batteries.

  1. The American Idol Deluxe Birthday Pack
    www.birthdayexpress.com     MSRP $34.99

    An exclusive from BirthdayExpress.Com-your Birthday Deluxe American Idol Theme Pack includes everything to make your "special person" feel like an American Idol! You get it all with the official American Idol signage and logos: includes 8 invitations, plates, cups, forks, spoons, activity placemats, 16 napkins, solid-color table cover, mylar balloon, 18 assorted balloons, 50 yards of curling ribbon and 3 rolls of 81' crepe paper streamers in 3 colors, cake candles and confetti.

    Bruce also had the following on display from BirthdayExpress.com:

    • Personalized American Idol Banner
    • American Idol Microphone Piņata
    • American Idol Contestant Number Kit
    • American Idol Favor Box

    Available at www.birthdayexpress.com or by calling 1-800-BIRTHDAY.

  1. American Idol All-Star Challenge DVD Game
    www.screenlifegames.com   MSRP $34.95

    Whether or not you're a fan of the show, the American Idol All-Star Challenge is a fun party game for all ages! Experience all the excitement of American Idol as you journey from Auditions, to Hollywood and onward to the Finals round of competition. With real television clips from the first four seasons, plus show questions and performance challenges, "American Idol All Star Challenge" will transform your living room into the ultimate TV talent showdown. Test your Idol knowledge as you relive all the trials and tribulations, the victories and the heartbreaks that have made American Idol one of the hottest shows on television today. Ages 8 and-up to four players.

  1. Digital Blue American Idol Digital Camcorder
    www.playdigitalblue.com   MSRP $99.99

    You can possibly send yourself to Hollywood with the Digital Blue American Idol Digital Camcorder! You can shoot and edit a music video using animations, titles, and transitions, as well as the TV show's opening sequence. The camera is easy to use, and the child-friendly software lets you click and drag scenes to the storyboard and share with friends. The included live footage of competition from seasons past is what makes this an American Idol must have!

            . 640 x 480 resolution when connected to your computer
            . 16 megabytes of onboard memory for capturing your movies and audio
            . Record up to 4 minutes of video with audio away from your computer
              (and virtually unlimited recording capabilities when connected to your computer)
            . Take hundreds of snapshots like a digital camera
            . Works with Windows ME, 2000, and XP

  1. Digital Blue American Idol Keychain Camera
    www.playdigitalblue.com   MSRP $19.99

    This is the perfect digital camera to hook on your keychain, throw in your pocket and go. Be ready to take pictures any time. Once you have your shots, download into the specially created software and put yourself on the American Idol set just like the stars do! Includes a Carrying Pouch, USB cable, American Idol Editing Software, and Battery. 20 picture capacity.

  1. American Idol Official Apparel
    www.americanidolstore.com   Prices vary depending on shirt & style

    If you want be an American Idol you'd better look the part! Even if you just want to feel like an American Idol, the americanidolstore.com should be your first stop. From Hoodies to T's in all colors, shapes and styles you'll find your perfect wardrobe "must haves" all branded with the official American Idol logo!

  1. American Idol Tee-Shirts
    www.americanidolstore.com   Prices vary depending on shirt & style

    On the set we had plenty of shirts and T's from the American Idol Store. From the "Pre-Worn Aged" to standard whites and cuts in assorted colors-male & female styles all branded with the Official American Idol logos.

  1. American Idol Black Hat
    www.americanidolstore.com   MSRP $17.95

    This black cap is a must for all American Idol fans. This fashionable cap has the American Idol logo embroidered on front. Adjustable closure on back. One size fits most.

  1. American Idol DVD Set (Item # 100128)
    www.americanidolstore.com   MSRP $34.95

    If you're a true fan of American Idol you can have it all. The best and worst of American Idol seasons 1 - 4 will take you back to all the important moments in American Idol history. The 3 disk set includes reviews, funniest moments and exclusive interviews you won't want to miss!

  1. American Idol CD Clock - (Item # 100140)
    www.americanidolstore.com   MSRP $17.95

    This colorful clock helps you keep track of time while looking great in any room! CD Clock features a real CD mounted to a sturdy plastic base. American Idol logo and design screen printed across the front of the clock. Requires one AA battery.

  1. iPod Mini Case - (Item # 100138)
    www.americanidolstore.com   MSRP $9.95

    Protect your iPod while listening to your favorite Idol tunes. Flexible silicone cover comfortably fits the iPod Mini. American Idol logo screen printed along back cover. Blue.

  1. American Idol Official Magazine
    www.borders.com   MSRP $4.95 for subscription

    Catch up with all the happenings from the show with the official A.I. Magazine!













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