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Bruce's May 1, 2006 Theme:

"Hi-Tech Beach Gear: Surf's Up!"

May is here and that means warmer days ahead-get ready to hit the beach in style! The Muscleman of Technology was here to show us the latest and greatest products to make your Beach Days more entertaining, exciting, and fun! Bruce demo'd the latest Hi-Tech Beach Gear from waterproof digital cameras, waterproof MP3 players, a watch that tells you the "High & Low" Tides for almost every coastal California City and even Sandal's from Reef with a built-in bottle opener in the sole.plus much more!

  1. iJoy Board Computer Controlled Balance Trainer
    www.sharperimage.com or www.ijoy.com   MSRP $399.95

    This new Computer Controlled Exercise Balance Board is a fantastic motorized "balance trainer" and it's the most fun you'll ever have on fitness equipment! The iJoy Board is not only fun, but it's also great exercise for all ages-unsurpassed at developing and strengthening all the muscles involved in core balance and basic coordination. Just set up this portable, compact machine wherever you want (even in front of the TV) and start discovering a new way to keep your legs fresh, toned, strong or ready to carve the slopes or catch a wave. Great cardio and makes you work your Abs as well! If you love board sports like snowboarding, surfing, or skateboarding-or just wanted to simulate the fitness experience of these popular fun sports, you'll love the iJoy Board! Best of all you can use it indoors year-round, rain or shine and right at home.

  1. Olympus Waterproof Digital Camera - Stylus 720 SW
    www.olympus.com     MSRP $399.99

    The Stylus 720 SW is Olympus' latest evolution in the Stylus series - a digital camera that can shoot under water down to 10 feet and withstand a 5-foot drop! You'll capture phenomenal photos in any situation. The Stylus 720 SW combines light durable body construction and shock-absorbing materials throughout the interior with the sealant technology used in Olympus underwater housings. This compact fully-featured Stylus 720 SW offers 7.1 megapixels, 3x optical Olympus Zoom Lens, and 2.5" large LCD. Also includes "Bright Capture Technology" and a Digital Image Stabilization Mode. See Olympus' web site above for more info.

  1. Reef "Bottle-Opener" Sandals & Board Shorts
    www.reef.com   Prices vary depending on style

    A great local San Diego company, Reef has a reputation for having high quality Surfer's apparel that's innovative and totally hot. Bruce was modeling the hip "BYOB" Black & Tan Sandals which do double duty by opening up bottles with its handy bottle opener built into the sole-the ultimate party sandal! Bruce also was wearing the beautiful Reef Board Short with the print style: "Yang Mama" featuring the Reef logo and Reef cover girl. Check out Reef's site above to see their awesome 2006 collection.

  1. Sakar's Cooler Sound Case
    www.sakar.com   MSRP $49

    Sakar's Cooler Sound Case is the perfect companion for beach picnics, work lunches, or outdoor snacks! Allows busy music lovers to eat and listen while on the go. This awesome cooler picnic sound case is weatherproof and will fit iPods, MP3 players, or digital music players with built-in speakers and an insulated compartment designed for carrying food and drinks. The 14" x 10" x 10" case is wired for sound and includes integrated speakers that amplify audio so users can listen to (and share) their favorite music no matter where they may be. The case features a convenient control panel on the side of the bag so that music can be turned on or off without having to access the device. Runs on 9-volt battery-receives audio feed through built-in connector that plugs into the media device's headphone jack. Available at Marshalls.

  1. Freestyle Shark Tide Watch
    www.freestyleusa.com   MSRP $99.95

    This has got to be ultimate Hi-Tech Beach Watch! Freestyle's "Shark Tide" watch will tell you the High & Low tides for 128 beaches worldwide (15-year tide data built-in) including San Diego, La Jolla, and San Clemente! Displays current / future tide height and direction. Other features: multiple countdown timers, alarms, chronograph with spilt times, water-resistant to 300 feet, durable polyurethane strap, electro-luminescent backlighting, and 10 year warranty.

  1. Oregon Scientific Waterproof MP3 Player
    (with built-in Pedometer)

    www2.oregonscientific.com   MSRP $189.95

    Oregon Scientific's Waterproof MP3 Player (1GB capacity) with FM Radio & Built-in Pedometer (model MP121) is a world's first. Fill one up with your favorite music and take it to the gym, on a walk or take it for a swim at the beach! Combines not only a waterproof design, but it's shockproof as well! Impressive list of advanced features: 1GB of internal memory, integrated FM radio, built-in rechargeable battery, USB 2.0 for fast file transfers, and a built-in pedometer. Plays MP3 & WMA music files plus FM stereo radio (with 30 preset channels). Pedometer features distance calculator, calorie counter and BMI calculator. Stop Watch has count down time, pace counter, alarm, and clock.

  1. OtterBox
    www.otterbox.com   Prices vary depending on OtterBox model/size

    OtterBox is the rage of the "Beach Season"-waterproof, crushproof and they float. What an awesome and affordable way to protect valuables from the elements. A great "carry-all" case that is perfect for protecting keys, sunglasses, money, cameras, small video cameras and keeping any valuables dry during beach season. The OtterBox slogan: "Never Out of Its Element." OtterBox is the world leader in water-proof protection.

    Bruce had 3 very popular OtterBox styles on display today:

    • Model 3500 is a big case; about $28.49
    • Model 2500 is a medium case; about $20.49
    • Model 8000 is a rectangular “flip-top opening” case; about $21.49
  1. Rogz

    Rogz makes all kind of cool pet products but my favorite for San Diegan's are the three large Surfing Dog Toys-each with their own personalities. Retro Rex, Mungo Jerry, and Surf Saint Patch were on display. Take them with your best friend to Dog Beach and you'll be the TOP DOG!













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