Sprint's new PowerVision service means broadband access to everything!

Bruce's April 9 th, 2006 Theme:

"Cell Phones & Accessories "

Love them or despise them, cell phones today are a ubiquitous part of our society. According to Nokia, by 2009 three billion cell phones will be in use worldwide-that's a lot of folks gabbing on phones! With so many phones from numerous manufacturers you can bet the "cell phone accessory market" is a huge business. From wireless headsets to custom ring tones, The Muscleman of Technology showed KUSI viewers his top picks for accessorizing and getting the most from their indispensable trusty cell phones.

Fast Cell Phone Fact:
Cell Phone content such as music, gaming and video, is forecast to reach $43 billion worldwide by 2010-up from $5.2 billion in 2004, according to a report released by research firm iSuppli Corp.

  1. Sprint Multimedia Power Vision Phones
    www.sprint.com   Price varies depending on contract and phone

    Bruce demonstrated Sprint's flagship Multimedia Power Vision Phone. Nicknamed the "Blade," Samsung's super-thin model A900 will blow you away with a powerhouse of cutting edge features. The A900 Blade is a Power Vision phone-allowing you to watch TV, video on demand, play MP3 songs, use GPS Navigation & get Live Traffic updates and has Bluetooth connectivity built-in. Imagine Broadband speeds for downloading music, video and pictures.even connect to your computer with included USB cable! Includes integrated camera phone with flash and camcorder for recording videos. Dual speakers, speakerphone, and huge 2" high quality color screen, and Sprint's 30 channels of news, music, sports, and entertainment broadcasting! Also on display from Sprint were the Samsung A940, the new Sanyo MM-7500, and the Sanyo MM-5600.

  1. Stay Fit with Your Phone.Bones in Motion Active
    www.bimactive.com     $9.95 per month (added to your Cell bill)

    Need help sticking to your fitness plans or goals? Sprint now offers "Bones in Motion Active." This suite of fitness related applications was developed just for your phone! Now you can use your phone (and connect to the web) to help you achieve your fitness and lifestyle goals. Bones in Motion Active enables runners, cyclists, and walkers to wirelessly capture and monitor their activity in real-time on GPS-enabled Sprint and Nextel phones. The service transforms the phone into a virtual coach and offers users feedback during their exercise through sound alerts. When the activity is complete, the exercise information is uploaded to a personal Web portal on www.bimactive.com. There, users can chart their personal progress and share information such as routes with ratings and reviews.

  1. CellFan Mobile Phone Skins
    www.cellfan.com   MSRP $12.95

    CellFan offers personalized skins for your cell phone in several categories including: sports (MLB, NBA, NHL, Collegiate Logos), music, comics, Star Wars etc. From Grateful Dead skins to Elvis skins these totally hip fashionable-looking skins will make your phone HOT! Vinyl skin is easy to apply and can be easily removed. A local San Diego company!

  1. Pop Up Cell Phone Magnifier by Bart 1 Products
    www.b1p.info   MSRP $12.95

    Having trouble reading the display on your cell phone? Bart 1 Products has the perfect solution for your flip phone. The Pop Up Cell Phone Magnifier will fit any flip phone boasting 2X magnification to your entire display screen. Instantly make tiny characters on your cell phone into readable digits! The best feature is "one size fits all flip phones" by trimming off excess lens.

  1. Enotrab Cell Phone Alert Stand by Bart 1 Products
    www.b1p.info   MSRP $12.95

    What a great idea-want to be notified of an incoming phone call but don't want to hear your cell phone ringing or disturb others? Well just turn off your cell phone's ringer, set your phone to vibrate, and the Enotrab will alert you to your incoming calls with funky cool blinking LED lights (part of the Enotrabs eyeballs & antenna).

  1. NiteIze "Clip Case Plus" Phone Holster
    www.niteize.com   About $16.00

    The NiteIze ultra-rugged versatile Clip Case Plus provides secure storage and convenient access to your mobile phone, accessories, and more. Unique design allows you to wear either vertically or horizontally on your belt. These are the best quality phone cases I've ever seen-built work tough with ballistic nylon and Lifetime Warranty! Plenty of room with pockets for pens, flashlights, and even a wireless headset. Magnetic or Velcro closure flaps are available in small and large sizes, and in Black, Blue, or Mossy Oak.

  1. Susteen's DataPilot Universal Cell Phone Transfer Suite
    www.datapilot.com   MSRP $79.95

    Includes six different software modules to help you get the most from your cell phone. The Phone Book Manager module is for transferring and backing up your cell phone's address book to your PC (then transfer to a new cell phone as well). The Phone Book Manager alone is a major time saver. Includes universal data transfer cable which supports almost every popular phone (supports over 300 models). Ringtone Composer and Image Editor are just some of the handy features (for putting your favorite rings and pictures on your cell). Some features may be limited depending on your phone-check out their web site for all the details.

  1. nXZEN Plus Bluetooth Headset (Model 5500)
    www.nxzen.com   MSRP $159.99

    The nXZEN wireless Bluetooth headset uses the world's most powerful Digital Signal Processor (DSP) to boost acoustic performance, reduce background noise, and isolates your voice for superior hands-free mobile communications. The new PLUS model has a two-microphone array to differentiate the user's voice from background noise. The headset's integrated DSP provides an unprecedented 120 million instructions per second, enabling the nXZEN to cancel complex noise in loud environments such as automobiles and crowds. Despite powerful noise cancellation technology, nXZEN PLUS weighs less than 17 grams, measures only 1 by 2.3 inches, and offers a full 7 hours of talk time and 100 hours of standby. The nXZEN is available at CompUSA and Fry's Electronics.

  1. Magix Ringtone Maker 2
    www.magix.com   MSRP $19.99

    Express your personal style with unlimited ringtones with NO Subscription or Download fees-just make your own ringtones! Offbeat fun sounds, as well as the latest hits and all-time retro favorites. Create the ringtones on your PC, then just transfer to your phone. The Magix Mobile Music Maker is the heart of the software which allows you to create and arrange ringtones for your cell phone.

  1. Cellboost Disposable Instant Battery
    www.cellboost.com   MSRP $5.99

    Can't risk being caught with a dead cell phone or don't have time to charge your phone before running out the door? Cellboost provides instant talk-time in addition to charging your cell phone's battery! Now you can carry insurance against cell battery fatigue. Cellboost requires NO connection to electrical outlets and does not require any cables! Just plug directly into your cell phone and delivers 60 minutes of talk time / 60 hours of stand by time. Wal-Mart sells these for only $4.99-never be caught with a dead battery again! Cellboost has a battery designed to work with all popular brands of cell phones!

Cell Phone Trends:
As the number of cell phone users continues to grow, so do phone options like Internet and e-mail capabilities. According to the AP-AOL-PEW Research Center Mobile Lifestyle Survey, 51 percent of those surveyed plan to-or currently use their phone to access maps via online. The survey also found the use of landlines among young adults is becoming extinct - 40 percent of those between the ages of 18 to 29 say they are dropping their landline service.













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