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Bruce's April 22, 2006 Theme:

"Awesome Pet Gear"

Do you love pets? Do you want to see the latest & greatest pet products, innovations, and pet novelty items for Fido? The Muscleman of Technology attended the largest professional Pet Show in the country called "The Global Pet Expo" and brings us back his round-up of best picks fresh from the show floor!

  1. Microwaveable Stuffed Animal Body Wraps
    www.warmwhiskers.com   About $39

    These heatable cute soft stuffed animals will cradle your body with gentle warmth and fragrant herbs. Filled with buckwheat and a special blend of soothing herbs, (including lavender and rosebuds). Heat in a microwave for approximately 1 or 2 minutes and aromatic warmth will be yours for up to two hours. Great for cramps, lower back ache, or tension in shoulders (and neck). Perfect for cuddling and keeping the chill off on a cold night. Bruce had 3 popular Animal Body styles on display today: Doxie the Dachshund, Sleepy Pete Lamb, and Bunny. You'll fall in love with these critters-see their web site for the entire line and details.

  1. The QuickFinder Safety Nail Clipper
    www.miraclecorp.com     $19.95 to $29.95

    The QuickFinder is a new and revolutionary tool which uses medical technology to detect your pet's quick before you clip-never again worry about cutting into your dog, cat, bird, or small animals' quick again! Patented "QuickSensor" technology guarantees you know where the quick is by watching the indicator light turn green. Safe, easy, and fast to use. The QuickFinder is made from the finest quality stainless steel which will give long-lasting sharp cutting edge. Start cutting your animals' nails with confidence-effortlessly and precisely! Includes batteries and in-depth instructions.

  1. Rip-N-Fetch Dog Toy By Jakks
    www.jakkspacific.com   MSRP $9.99

    Tired of the same old tennis ball fetch routine with your dog? Well, your dog is going to love you when you reinvent the game of fetch with the brand new Rip-N-Fetch from Jakks Pacific. Just pull the rip cord (works with any tennis ball) from the claw-like slobber free grip and watch dogs go crazy! Just grip it, rip it, and watch your dog go fetch it! Puts a whole new "spin" on the tennis ball game of fetch.

  1. Global Pet Finder
    www.globalpetfinder.com   $289.99 (Spring Sale, regularly $349.99)

    Introducing the Global Pet Finder-never lose track of your pet again! GPS for your pet is here and will monitor your dog's location 24/7 via cell phone or wireless device of your choice (i.e. blackberry, PDA, etc.)! You can also log into the Global Pet Finder secure web site for instant updates on your dog's whereabouts. Build a virtual fence of ANY size which your pet can freely roam simply by logging into the command center and following the instructions for 'create a fence'. The command center will prompt you to enter a name, address and size for your fence. That's it! Your fence is automatically downloaded to the memory of your GlobalPetFinder.

  1. Drinkwell Running Water Pet Fountain for Dogs and Cats
    www.petfountain.com   MSRP $54.99 Cats & $69.99 Dogs

    Pets love running water and by using a 5-inch falling stream of water, the Pet Fountain continually aerates your pet's water with healthful oxygen. A charcoal filter also removes bad tastes and odors, giving your pet the best possible (and most appealing way) to stay hydrated! Different models available for dogs and cats. It encourages water intake and proper hydration in healthy cats, and is especially beneficial in cats with kidney or urinary tract disease. In nature, moving water is much fresher than stagnant water. The movement constantly breaks the surface tension of the water and draws oxygen from the air into the water. This process is called aeration and it makes water more appealing to drink. Pets may be drawn by instinct to moving water for this reason. Developed and designed by a Veterinarian-see their web site above for all the details.

  1. WaterDog-Sonar Activated Outdoor Pet Fountain
    www.waterdoginfo.com   MSRP $79.99

    Smart sonar sensing technology triggers the WaterDog to turn on when your pet approaches.and turns off the water when your pet leaves. Sonar proximity sensor will turn water on when your pet is within 3 feet. You'll never have to worry about what your dog's been drinking again! Operates unattended and "activates" the fresh stream of water when your pet approaches. Installs easily on any outdoor spigot/faucet without tools-30 day Money Back Guarantee. 4 "C" cell batteries required.

  1. Feeding Mats By Pet Soup
    www.pet-soup.com   Prices vary depends on style & size

    You'll love Pet Soup's original designs of many themed pet mats. From humorous "Feeding Mats" (Bruce displayed 2 styles today) placed under pets' eating/drinking dishes to matching designer cat litter mats with matching litter box (if you can't hide it-decorate it). Pet Soup has something for everyone and mats come in several sizes from small to very large. All mats made with Dura-FlexT technology-this means that they stand up to the toughest use and abuse, without losing flexibility or image quality! Easy to clean and made in USA! Check out their beautiful collection of pet and designer print mats cage mats, door mats, kennel mats and more at their web site above.

  1. Sea Monkeys
    www.sea-monkeys.com   Prices vary, most kits under $10

    Sea Monkeys are "Dream Pets"-a true miracle of nature. Available in several different styles of themed kits (everything you need is included), you will love this unique aquatic pet! The Sea-Monkeys story began in 1960 as the brainchild of inventor and nature-lover Harold von Braunhut, and since have become a part of American culture and a worldwide phenomenon. The joy of watching Sea-Monkeys grow offers a lot more than just pure fun. It is one of the outstanding educational experiences of a lifetime, because the entire life-cycle of these unique creatures is fully recreated. Although Sea-Monkeys are a species of brine shrimp, they are unique. They not only unlocked the most elusive secrets of their life cycle, they created new formulas to keep them alive under conditions found in the average home-an accomplishment never before achieved! Sea-Monkeys are in no way harmful to humans or the environment. See their site for all the details & products.

  1. Atomic Pet Products
    www.atomicpet.com   Lighted Leashes $24.99 Lighted Collars $19.99 Flex-Pets $6.99

    Atomic Pet is introducing their new "Visiglo" line of glowing dog collars and leashes this month! The Atomic leashes and collars are absolutely the best design I've seen for keeping your pets safe at night. Available in six super bright designs, Atomic's glowing pet accessories will keep you and your pet safe AND stylish. All Visiglo illuminated leashes include padded handles, bone shaped battery packs, "AA" batteries, and stay bright for 48 hours! Check out their "Flexi-Pet" posable dog & cat LCD clocks too!

  1. RuffDawg Dog Toys

    RuffDawg dog toys are simply the coolest! Bruce demoed the RuffDawg Rock-made of solid rubber, you can throw it like a ball and watch it bounce in any direction. A fun alternative to a soggy wet ball. The Rock is great for dogs of any size and is rugged, bendable, puncture resistant and gentle on gums. RuffDawg Tools are also a blast for your pet! All RuffDawg products take interactive dog toys to new heights.

  1. KiddiePals
    www.kiddiepals.com   About $29 each

    A great gift for kids young and old, these are the ultimate pets everyone will love and cuddle up with. The "Sassy Cow," for example, has a Velcro arm strap that instantly converts into a pillow! Helps with naptime or anytime! KiddiePals are made with the softest Chenille fabric. 10 great pals to choose from-I love the Fuzzy Bear!

  1. Rogz

    Rogz makes all kind of cool pet products but my favorite for San Diegan's are the three large Surfing Dog Toys-each with their own personalities. Retro Rex, Mungo Jerry, and Surf Saint Patch were on display. Take them with your best friend to Dog Beach and you'll be the TOP DOG!













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