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"Cell Phone Mania "

Cell phones today are a ubiquitous part of our society—in fact there are more than 220 million Cell Phone users in the United States alone (world-wide an estimated 2 billion cell phones)! No other recent invention has so quickly been embraced. The Muscleman of Technology is here to show our KUSI viewers his top picks for accessorizing and getting the most from your indispensable trusty cell phone.

  1. Sprint Multimedia Power Vision Products
    www.sprint.com    Price varies depending on contract and phone

    Phones Displayed:

    o Samsung A900 (Blade) SPECIAL until 3/31/07 $9.99 (Reg. $229)
    o Samsung M610 $179 with contract - $329 without contract
    o Sanyo SCP-8400 $99 with contract - $249 without Contract
    o Motorola “MotoRazr” V3m Web Special until 3/31/07 $29.99 (Reg. $249)
    o Ovation U720 USB Broadband $49 with contract - $249 without contract

    Bruce demonstrated some amazing Sprint products including the thinnest clamshell Power Vision Phone, the Samsung M610—capable of 50 channels of TV! Samsung’s super-thin model will blow you away with a powerhouse of cutting edge features (play music, use GPS Navigation & get live traffic updates, Bluetooth connectivity, even download music from the Sprint Music Store, plus take video and pictures).

    Also on display from Sprint was the first of its kind, a USB Mobile Broadband Modem! The Ovation U720 will allow you to surf the web with ease from your choice of Desktop or Laptop PC. Fastest network available through Sprint’s EVDO Rev A Power Vision Network—the nations largest wireless broadband network.

  1. Skinit Mobile Phone Skins
    www.skinit.com    MSRP $12.95 and up depending on skin & style

    Skinit offers personalized skins for any Cell Phone model! They also make skins for notebook computers, game consoles, MP3 Players and more! Skins are available in several categories including: sports (MLB, NBA, NHL, Collegiate Logos), music, comics, Star Wars etc. From Grateful Dead skins to Elvis skins these totally hip fashionable-looking skins will make your phone HOT! Vinyl skin is easy to apply and can be easily removed. Best of all: A local San Diego company!

  1. Cell Phone Peel & Clean Pads
    www.b1p.info     MSRP $8.95

    What a great idea—everyone needs to clean the accumulated dirt, dust, and fingerprint grime from their cell phones. Just let the simple and convenient “Peel & Clean Pads” do the work for you. Does a great job on the LCD display too! Works with almost every phone including Treo’s, Blackberry, GPS, etc.

  1. Susteen's DataPilot Universal Pro Cell Phone Transfer Suite
    www.datapilot.com     MSRP $79.95

    DataPilot includes six different software categories to help you get the most from your cell phone. The Phone Book Manager is the best part! Use it for transferring and backing up your cell phone’s address book to your PC (then transfer to a new cell phone as well). The Phone Book Manager alone is a major time saver. Includes universal data transfer cable which supports almost every popular phone (supports over 300 models). Ringtone Composer and Image Editor are just some of the handy features (for putting your favorite rings and pictures on your cell). Some features may be limited depending on your phone—check out their web site for all the details.

  1. VR3 Wireless LCD Hands Free Car Kit
    www.roadmasterusa.com     MSRP 69.99

    The VRBT200V Bluetooth Hands-Free Cell Phone Car Kit allows the driver to make voice calls hands-free via their Bluetooth mobile phone. When used as described, the VRBT200V will give you years of dependable service in your car, truck, RV, or mini-van. Adjustable Wide Cool Blue Backlit LCD Screen, Caller ID for Last 10 Calls, and Rechargeable Lithium Ion Battery

Two Cell Phone Products To Improve Your Fitness

  1. Trimble Outdoors: AllSport GPS
    www.trimbleoutdoors.com      $6.99 per month

    Trimble Outdoors “AllSport GPS” is a fitness training application for Sprint and Nextel GPS Phones. The AllSport GPS application enables consumers who run, cycle, mountain bike, or walk to track their performance on a cell phone—conveniently and inexpensively! Your travel distance, time, route, and calories burned are automatically posted to your web based fitness calendar. Feature Highlights:

    • Measure distance, time speed and calories
    • Download street, satellite and topo maps of your route, while you are out!
    • View speed and elevation profiles
    • Download recommended routes from the AllSport GPS web site
    • Automatically upload to your online training log - no cables!
    • Download routes and race against previous workouts

  1. PumpOne: PumpedForLife—Workout Software for your iPod & Phone
    www.pumpone.com      MSRP $44.00 (Level 1)

    Now you can get the most affordable, customizable, & portable workouts ever right on your iPod or cell phone! Take your workouts wherever you go with PumpOne…Total Body Conditioning. PumpOne allows you to choose a workout program that fits your life, whatever your goal, location or age. PumpOne provides you with fitness programs consisting of beautiful exercises images and clear & concise tips that visually guide you through your workout—all while listening to your own music. PumpOne trainers do not interfere with your music experience. They allow you to listen to your favorite playlist while giving you a great workout. See web above for all the details.

          The San Francisco Chronicle reported that the most popular non-voice Cell Phone feature is text messaging, with 61 million users having tried it.

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