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Bruce's March 11th, 2006 Theme:

"Hi-Tech Spring Fitness"

Spring is right around the corner! Forget about looking good-that's just cosmetic. What about fighting Cardiovascular Disease? Don't want to go to the gym? Well relax and watch our Super Hero Bruce Pechman, The Muscleman of Technology demonstrate solutions to the latest trends in preventing a sedentary lifestyle with 4 amazing products. If you don't think exercising can be fun, wait until you see the iJoy Board. Best of all, you can use all these products in the privacy of your own home (and take up very little room)!

Today Bruce was modeling the latest athletic apparel from Under Armour. See below for more details.


  1. LifeSpan TR2000-HR Compact Treadmill
    www.lifespanfitness.com   $1,299.99

    The LifeSpan TR2000-HR compact treadmill is not your typical treadmill. It was designed specifically for anyone living in town homes, apartments and others who just have space constraints. Why? The LifeSpan TR2000-HR not only takes up much less room than the standard treadmills, but the TR2000-HR folds up into a full upright position (hydraulic assisted folding feature)! Also includes rear wheels on frame to easily move out of the way when it's not in use (great for quick and easy compact storage). The TR2000-HR utilizes an extraordinary "walk-through" design favored by seniors and novice treadmill users. The design removes the obtrusive front hood and relocates the motor and electronics to underneath the frame. The result allows the user to move forward on the treadmill and stay close to the console and handlebars without kicking the hood. Wait until you hear this-the TR2000-HR comes with one of the best warranties in the industry: Lifetime Warranty on the frame and motor! What a great value-uses all steel frame construction, heavy duty deck, oversized oval tubing, and 2-1/2" rollers as the mechanical foundation. The electronics include all the features you need without being complicated. Accommodates users up to 300 lbs.-see the LifeSpan website above for more!

    Click here to read a review of the TR2000-HR by the MMOT.

    You can check out the LifeSpan TR2000-HR Compact Treadmill at the following stores in the San Diego area:

    Fitness Direct                   Fitness Direct
    7590 Miramar Road         2570-A Vista Way
    San Diego, CA 92126      Oceanside, CA 92054
    858.653.3600                  760.757.3400

  1. iJoy Board Computer Controlled Balance Trainer
    www.sharperimage.com or www.ijoy.com   MSRP $399.95

    This new Computer Controlled Exercise Balance Board is a fantastic motorized "balance trainer" and it's the most fun you'll ever have on fitness equipment! The iJoy Board is not only fun, but it's also great exercise for all ages-unsurpassed at developing and strengthening all the muscles involved in core balance and basic coordination. Just set up this portable, compact machine wherever you want (even in front of the TV) and start discovering a new way to keep your legs fresh, toned, strong or ready to carve the slopes or catch a wave. Great cardio and makes you work your Abs as well! If you love board sports like snowboarding, surfing, or skateboarding-or just wanted to simulate the fitness experience of these popular fun sports, you'll love the iJoy Board! Best of all you can use it indoors year-round, rain or shine and right at home.

  1. Tanita BC-554 Ironman Elite Body Composition Monitor
    www.tanita.com     MSRP $129.99

    The BC-554 Body Composition scale not only measures weight and body fat, it also tells you your muscle mass, body water %, basal metabolic rate (BMR), metabolic age, bone mass, visceral fat and rates your physique! The muscle mass feature indicates the weight of muscle in the body. The Body Water % is the total amount of fluid in the body expressed as a percentage of total weight. The BMR is the daily minimum level of energy or calories your body requires when resting (including sleeping) to function effectively. The Metabolic Age compares your BMR to the average age associated with that level of metabolism. The Bone Mass is the weight of your bone in your body. The Visceral Fat is the fat in the abdominal cavity (stomach), surrounding the vital organs. The Physique Rating is a rating of your body type. Its sleek modern design of glass and silver looks awesome in any location. Uses advanced Bioelectric Impedance Analysis (BIA) technology previously available only to medical professionals! Simply supply your gender, age, and height in the memory, step on the scale, and the BC-554 does the rest!

  1. Oregon Scientific MP3 Player (Model MP121)
    Waterproof with built-in Pedometer

    www.oregonscientific.com   MSRP $189.95

    Oregon Scientific's model MP121 Waterproof MP3 Player (1GB capacity) with FM Radio & Built-in Pedometer is a world's first. Fill one up with your favorite music and take it to the gym, on a walk or take it for a swim! Combines not only a waterproof design, but it's shockproof as well! Impressive list of advanced features: 1GB of internal memory, integrated FM radio, built-in rechargeable battery, USB 2.0 for fast file transfers, and a built-in pedometer. Plays MP3 & WMA music files plus FM stereo radio (with 30 preset channels). Pedometer features distance calculator, calorie counter and BMI calculator. Stop Watch has count down time, pace counter, alarm, and clock.


    Today Bruce was modeling Under Armour's new Metal Heatgear Full Tee (model 0141) in Maroon. Under Armour makes technically advanced products engineered with their exclusive fabric construction, supreme moisture management, and proven innovation. The Muscleman of Technology® loves Under Armour performance athletic apparel because their clothing makes him look better and perform better! Check them out at www.underarmour.com.

    What is Cardiovascular Disease?

    Cardiovascular disease (CVD) is an abnormal function of the heart or blood vessels. It can cause an increase in risk for heart attack, heart failure, sudden death, stroke and cardiac rhythm problems, thus resulting in decreased quality of life and decreased life expectancy. The causes of cardiovascular disease range from structural defects, to infection, inflammation, environment and genetics. In order to help prevent cardiovascular disease one must adopt a healthy lifestyle and avoid smoking, fattening foods and stress.














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