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"Hi-Tech Taxes"

The “Tax Man” is coming—and April 15th is only 6 weeks away! We have some great products that may just make your tax chores and tax preparation a little bit easier this year. The Muscleman of Technology is here to show us some very useful hardware, software, and gadgets which may save you time and help get through this years taxes!


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  1. NeatReceipts SCANALIZER
    www.neatreceipts.com   $229.99

    The NeatReceipts SCANALIZER is a tool that helps you stay organized – at home, at work, and on the go. Simplifies tax preparation for home with digital images of all your receipts, organized by their appropriate tax form and schedules. It helps you scan and organize all of the paper mess that piles up: from your mail and bills, to business cards, receipts and business expenses, to recipes, home warranties and insurance forms. Fight back against paper clutter with the SCANALIZER. The lightweight, portable SCANALIZER weighs less than one pound, and powered by a single USB cord. It conveniently fits into your briefcase or laptop carrying case.

  1. Kensington Wireless Notebook Keypad/Calculator
    www.kensington.com   $59.99  Model # 72273

    Key-in numbers fast—great for taxes, number crunching, and especially while you travel! You’ll be entering numbers quickly and maximizing productivity with this wireless optical mouse set, which includes a keypad that doubles as a stand-alone calculator! 2-in-1 calculator—use as a stand alone or full numeric keypad for quick data entry. The best part is no messy cords; just one wireless receiver connects both wireless mouse and keypad to your laptop. Includes Travel Bag to keep it all together and ready to toss into your briefcase.

  1. H&R Block TaxCut Premium Federal + State On USB Flash Drive
    www.hrblock.com     $39.99

    H&R Block, the world’s largest tax services provider, and Kingston Technology Company are delivering tax software on a customized Kingston 256MB DataTraveler USB Flash drive. This innovative concept of delivering TaxCut Premium Federal + State 2006 on a USB drive gives taxpayers a convenient, portable and solid value for their tax preparation. Store all your important tax documents in one place! TaxCut Premium Federal + State software includes all the tools necessary to prepare both simple and complex returns – including those for small businesses filing more complicated returns. TaxCut Premium Federal + State also offers guidance to help customers maximize deductions, report investment income and maximize business tax savings. Simply connect the drive to an available USB port on a computer or laptop. The TaxCut software icon appears; double click and follow the installation instructions. When taxes are completed, customers can use the Kingston DataTraveler as a portable storage drive for photographs, music, documents, etc.

  1. TurboTax: Federal & State Deluxe with Deduction Maximizer
    www.turbotax.com     $44.95

    Guides you through your return step by step and asks easy-to-understand questions in plain English. Then puts your answers onto IRS-approved forms and double-checks your return for errors and even flags potential audit risks. E-file your return for an even faster refund! Finds and maximizes your deductions. Guides you step by step through mortgage interest, charitable contributions, education, medical expenses, and more. Shows you how to qualify for deductions, looks for deduction opportunities, and tracks how much you've saved in deductions and credits. Includes ItsDeductible® to help you accurately value items donated to charity. Plus includes one free state download.

  1. TurboTax: Business Corporations & Partnerships
    www.turbotax.com     $99.95

    If your business is a corporation, partnership, or LLC and earns up to $250,000 a year, TurboTax Business is ideal for preparing and filing your business income taxes. It guides you step by step through Form 1120S (S Corporation), Form 1065 (Partnership and LLC), and Form 1120 (C Corporation) helping you maximize every deduction you deserve and to prepare an accurate return.

    Also available: TurboTax Business State Corporations & Partnerships (downloadable), including for California LLC (approx. $44.95).

  1. Microsoft Money 2007
    www.microsoft.com     Pricing range depends on product ($19.95 to $89.95 some rebates apply)

    Pricing range depends on product ($19.95 to $89.95; some rebates apply)

    For more than a decade, Microsoft has provided a range of software to help consumers get more out of their money and effortlessly stay on top of day-to-day finances. This year, Microsoft introduces the following versions of Money to help consumers optimize their financial outlook and manage day-to-day finances…all in one place:

    Microsoft Money 2007 Deluxe makes it easy to improve credit and manage debt while handling your day-to-day finances. The new “Savings & Spending Budget” provides the tools and guidance consumers need to prevent overspending, reduce debt, and start saving for short-term enjoyment and long-term goals.

    Microsoft Money 2007 Premium includes all the tools available in Money Deluxe along with additional tools to help plan for retirement and other long-term financial goals as well as maximize investments and make tax-smart investment decisions. Money Premium also includes special financial services offers worth more than $300!

    Microsoft Money 2007 Home & Business helps with personal and small-business finances by automatically consolidating online bank accounts, tracking inventory and managing payroll. This year the “Invoice Designer” includes a new invoice drop-down menu and ruler to help consumers easily organize, find and design invoices. The feature offers eight new customizable invoice templates, four customizable industry-specific templates, and eight invoice design ideas for added personalization. Additional invoice design ideas can be found at http://www.microsoft.com/money. Microsoft Money Home & Business also features special financial services offers worth more than $1,300!

    Don’t forget Microsoft Money 2007 Essentials only $19.95 Microsoft Money Essentials, a new offering designed specifically for consumers who want an easy way to get financially fit. With the ability to see all their financial accounts in one location and straightforward tools to monitor a budget, Money Essentials is the perfect companion to online banking. Money Essentials is available for download today for $19.99 at www.microsoft.com/money.

Looking for a great service to keep your business on track?
Check out the Electronic Virtual Assistant below!

  1. E.V.A.'s Verbal Expense Tracking
    www.evaforhire.com     $49.95 per month

    E.V.A.'s (Electronic Virtual Assistant) Verbal Expense Tracking: users are asked to call their E.V.A. assistant at an 800 number and succinctly leave expense and meeting details on the dedicated voicemail. The average expense call is approximately 30 seconds. Once the call is finished, the assistant puts all the expenses into a report to be used at a later date. Something as easy as mileage can save users thousands a year by tracking mileage to and from all business appointments; but tracking mileage is often missed without people even realizing they could be putting money back in their pockets as they drive. Priced at $49.95 a month for more info go to www.evaforhire.com or watch the video demo at: www.webcasting.com/eva

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