Johnson Parker is a full service/turnkey manufacturer of national brand equivalent and private label health and beauty care products. They offer a wide variety of products including bath products, body care, creams, liquid soaps, deodorants, and more.

"Hi-Tech Health Products"

Warmer days are almost here and that means three things: Beach, Bathing Suits, and Bikinis! Want to have fun working out instead of going to boring gyms? The Muscleman of Technology is here to show us some amazing newfangled fitness gear and health equipment with a Hi-Tech twist!

Bruce was wearing the new Brooks Trance 6 shoes in today's segment.


Hot Bodz Clothing Company

Do you want to have the look of The Muscleman of Technology? His shirts are always sizzling hot with an amazing perfect fit because he shops directly from the Hot Bodz Clothing Company in Florida. Hot Bodz is committed to offering progressive clothing for the athletically built and their line includes everything from workout wear, casual menswear and women’s clothing. Over 10 years in business! Check them out at www.hotbodz.com

  1. The Hula Chair by Gadget Universe
    www.gadgetuniverse.com   $199.95

    Experience better overall health with the intensely fun Hula Chair! This modern miracle combines the best of ancient traditional Chinese medicine with 21st century space-age technology. Improve your balance and coordination as it gently aligns your spine and improves blood circulation. You’ll love how it feels as it works out your abs and mid-section. And there’s no better way to warm up for any activity—or experience a more pleasurable workout! Simply sit upright in the Hula Chair with feet firmly planted on the floor, then just press the button and let its elliptical motion work wonders on your body. Automatically moves clockwise and counter clockwise—it’s like a Hula-Hoop Machine!

  1. OSIM uSurf Wave-Action Exerciser
    www.brookstone.com   MSRP $399.99

    Surf your way to fitness with uSurf! Seen a surfer's body lately? They got those great muscles by using their calves, thighs and upper body to maintain balance while surfing. uSurf is designed to simulate the motions of surfing, and to shape and tone targeted muscle groups. The wave-action deck of uSurf rocks both back and forth and side to side. As you ride, your body automatically engages your calves, thighs, hips, and seat. Leaning back and forth also engages abs, obliques, and back muscles. Three speeds of intensity plus an auto program which alternates speeds randomly. Handheld tension cords help you maintain balance and exercise arms and shoulders. Infrared remote control makes it easy to change between programs without dismounting. Exclusive at Brookstone!

  1. HydraCoach Intelligent Water Bottle
    www.hydracoach.com     MSRP $29.99

    HydraCoach is the world’s first intelligent Water Bottle—plus it’s interactive. Are you drinking enough water? It thinks while you drink! Never worry about your personal hydration needs again. The HydraCoach calculates your personal hydration needs, tracks your real-time fluid consumption, paces you throughout the day, and motivates you to achieve and maintain optimal hydration. How does it do it? You input your weight and duration of exercise, the product will generate a personal hydration goal for the day. The HydraCoach hydration monitor is a revolutionary interactive fluid measurement device that automatically calculates, monitors, and provides instant feedback on fluid consumption for health conscious individuals…including athletes!

  1. Bow Fitness Products
    www.bowproducts.com     MSRP $74.99 (includes shipping charges)

    The Steel Bow 28
    The Steel-Bow is designed to be used by ANYONE! There is no age or gender that cannot benefit from this unique design. Light and compact, the Steel-Bow goes anywhere you do. Unique interchangeable spring design lets you choose from 3 different types off fitness programs:

    Isometric – A fast efficient muscle building program anyone can do
    Isotonic – When tone and definition are your desired result
    Iso-Motion – The ultimate conditioning exercise program! This program combines Isometric, Isotonic and Isokenetic exercise, combined with Pilates/Tai Chi style movement—challenging every muscle in motion with positive and negative resistance.

  1. Muscleman of Technology TechnoGyro
    www.mrbicep.com     $39.99

    Possibly the best handheld exerciser ever developed! Get the edge in Fitness, Golf, Tennis, Bowling or any sport that requires lower arm strength (and a strong grip). It’s being used for Carpal Tunnel rehab and helping to reduce repetitive stress injuries for many computer users. The TechnoGyro was designed to aid in sports rehabilitation and conditioning of the lower arm. Activating the gyro's spinning motion (dynamism) starts the colored LED lights located in the interior of the gyro. The faster the unit runs (RPMs), the brighter the lights get until the whole hand is engulfed in a bright glow. The TechnoGyro comes with a training CD starring Bruce Pechman, The Muscleman of Technology! Addicting fun and therapeutic for hands, wrists, forearms, and tendons. An amazing invention, the PowerBall has no motor and requires no batteries because YOU provide the power!

  1. Omron Body Composition Scale HBF-500
    www.omronhealthcare.com     About $89.95

    The Omron Body Composition Scale (HBF-500) is an easy-to-use total body monitoring scale which not only calculates visceral fat, but resting metabolism and skeletal muscle mass levels—both helpful indicators for consumers to use when determining appropriate calorie intake and exercise levels. The scale uses full-body sensing technology featuring hand grip and foot electrodes to facilitate a highly accurate reading. It also displays standard values such as body fat percentage, weight and BMI to help users take proactive steps toward better health. Measurement storage for one day, one week, 30 days and 90 days for easy reference in tracking progress.

Two more great mobile products to improve your fitness

  1. Trimble Outdoors: AllSport GPS
    www.trimbleoutdoors.com     6.99 per month

    Trimble Outdoors “AllSport GPS” is a fitness training application for Sprint and Nextel GPS Phones. The AllSport GPS application enables consumers who run, cycle, mountain bike, or walk to track their performance on a cell phone—conveniently and inexpensively! Your travel distance, time, route, and calories burned are automatically posted to your web based fitness calendar. Feature Highlights:

    • Measure distance, time speed and calories
    • Download street, satellite and topo maps of your route, while you are out!
    • View speed and elevation profiles
    • Download recommended routes from the AllSport GPS web site
    • Automatically upload to your online training log - no cables!
    • Download routes and race against previous workouts

  1. PumpOne: PumpedForLife—Workout Software for your iPod & Phone
    www.pumpone.com     MSRP $44.00  (Level 1)

    Now you can get the most affordable, customizable, & portable workouts ever right on your iPod or cell phone! Take your workouts wherever you go with PumpOne…Total Body Conditioning. PumpOne allows you to choose a workout program that fits your life, whatever your goal, location or age. PumpOne provides you with fitness programs consisting of beautiful exercises images and clear & concise tips that visually guide you through your workout—all while listening to your own music. PumpOne trainers do not interfere with your music experience. They allow you to listen to your favorite playlist while giving you a great workout. See web above for all the details.

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