SUV Cargo Liners and other vehicle cargo liners from the Original Hatchbag, Inc. are the
best solution for "TAKING THE HASSLE OUT OF HAULING". With HatchBag cargo liners,
you can use your vehicle for messy jobs and go to dinner that evening in a clean vehicle.

"Home Productivity Products"

Are you a bit stressed this holiday season due to a disorganized lifestyle? Well, if your home & personal life need a tune-up, we have some great suggestions! The Muscleman of Technology will demonstrate amazing products to help manage your existence, organize your office, and maybe your life! We’ll demo the CardScan Business Card scanner and show you how to have beautiful clean floors without ever lifting a finger!

  1. Roomba Discovery Robotic Floor Vacuum
    www.irobot.com   MSRP $279.99

    The Roomba Discovery Robotic Vacuum will rock your world! Not only will the Discovery model clean under beds, along kitchen kickboards, and wherever dirt tries to hide, but it will automatically seek out and dock inside its home base to recharge if batteries run down! Don’t worry about your Roomba Discovery model ever getting stuck either: if it senses being wedged, it will simply launch a pre-programmed escape routine and resume cleaning the room! Roomba will never get hurt falling down stairs—sensors will auto detect and steer Roomba away. Roomba automatically calculates how long it needs to clean your entire room and built-in sensing software adjusts its behavior 67 times per second! Complete with remote control and Virtual Wall System to prevent Roomba from going where you don’t want it to.

  1. Keyboard Organizer by MyKeyO
    www.keyboardorganizer.com   MSRP $24.95

    The Keyboard Organizer is an award winning innovation! The Keyboard Organizer is the world’s first and only fully functioning computer keyboard which swings open to give you an internal storage area. Great for organizing all your pens, CDs, paper clips, note pads, or whatever you want…just like a drawer. Perfect for college dorms, offices, studio apartments, shipping departments, POS locations, receptionists, and anyone who needs to get organized. What a great gift idea!

  1. CardScan Executive (Version 8)
    www.cardscan.com     MSRP $259.99

    Not sure what to do with all those business cards collected and scattered all over the place? Having problems finding the exact business card or contact somewhere in that pile? The “CardScan Executive” will turn your business cards into a graphical electronic database of information on your PC—without typing! The CardScan Executive business card scanner will help organize and digitize your contacts directly into your computer effortlessly in seconds. The versatile CardScan software allows you to instantly search your contacts and view the exact digital image of the card on your PC. It’s small enough to throw inside your travel bag. You can even transfer your contacts to PDA (Palm or Pocket PC). The world’s best selling business card reader is very affordable, and comes with a 30 day MBG!

  1. ACT! 2007 Contact & Customer Management Software
    www.act.com     MSRP $199.99

    ACT! by Sage is the #1 selling contact and customer manager software that helps you make contacts, build relationships, and get results. ACT! 2007 (version 9) enables you to instantly access key contact and customer information, manage and prioritize activities, and track all contact-related communications so you can grow productive business relationships. ACT! 2007 allows you to generate reports for a complete view of customer interactions and improve your bottom line by forecasting and tracking customer opportunities. Renowned for its ease of use, ACT! can be tailored by each user and integrates with the tools you use everyday, such as Microsoft Office and handheld devices.

    TIP: Want to get up to speed quickly and become an expert in ACT? Check out “The Official ACT! 2007 QuickStudy Guide.” Steps you through using all the great new features in ACT! Learn everything you’ll ever need to know about ACT!—from entering, saving, and sorting contacts to completely customizing fields and screens to match your business processes! Interactive exercises cover topics that range from basic usage to advanced customization techniques. Learn more here: www.act.com/community/qsg/index.cfm

  1. DYMO Personal Labelmaker (LetraTag Plus)
    www.dymo.com     MSRP $49.99

    The new DYMO Personal Labelmaker “LetraTag Plus” model is an ideal solution for time-pressed individuals who want a quick and easy solution to home organization. Compact and portable, the Personal Labelmaker has limitless uses. From organizing files, photo albums, CDs, tools, shelves and storage containers to children’s toy, clothes and containers of food in the fridge, labeling enthusiasts can mark anything, anywhere. Does 5 font sizes, 7 print styles, 2-line printing, and over 190 symbols! Uses Direct Thermal Printing so you never need ink.

  1. Franklin Covey FOCUS Complete Time Management Workshop
    www.franklincovey.com     MSRP $49.99

    From Franklin Covey’s coveted FOCUS Workshop Series, this Audio CD based workshop called “Achieving Your Highest Priorities” is a must for everyone! This is a Self- Directed Audio Workshop (4-CD Set + Audio Workbook). You will begin a process and journey to a new way of thinking about time management. You'll learn how to identify and focus on the tasks and priorities that matter most so that you can deliver maximum results everyday. A resource CD packed with great tools such as teaching wizards to help you identify your values and mission and how to set goals. Includes a 132 page workshop guide workbook with step-by-step workshop instructions on activities.

  1. Business Plan Pro 2007
    www.paloalto.com     Standard $99.95  Premiere $199

    With Business Plan Pro 2007 you get all the latest business planning tools and resources, including over 500 sample business plans to customize for your own! So, whether you are planning the next stage of your current business or starting a brand-new one, writing a business plan can be quick and easy using Business Plan Pro 2007. Business Plan Pro is based on a business plan format recognized by banks, lenders, investors, and the Small Business Administration (SBA). Business Plan Pro walks you through the entire planning process and generates a complete, professional and ready to distribute plan with a proven formula for success. Business Plan Pro is a complete business planning package that will help you improve and grow your business for years to come!

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