"Hi-Tech Oral Hygiene "

Nearly 75 percent of American adults suffer from some type of periodontal (gum) disease… and don’t know it! 30% of the adult population over 65 has no teeth! The hectic pace of today’s lifestyles often leaves little time for a sufficient everyday oral hygiene routine. Fortunately, The Muscleman of Technology will give you a preview of new Hi Tech Dental products designed to help you with your daily home oral healthcare.

  1. HydraBrush Express by Oralbotic Research, Inc.
    www.hydrabrush.com   $99.95

    Winner of the 2005 prestigious Frost & Sullivan Oral Product of the Year Award! The HydraBrush Express is world’s first robotic toothbrush with a dual-headed design to simultaneously brush upper and lower teeth—and both sides of the tooth (inside & outside) at the same time. Greatly eliminates human error and also cuts down on brushing time! With revolutionary 8 micro brushes that surround your teeth and gums, you will experience patented technology that takes the guesswork out of brushing. Brush in 60 seconds or less with assurance you have done a perfect job. This is truly the most revolutionary toothbrush ever invented!

  1. Rota-dent One Step Professional Powered Brush
    www.prodentec.com   MSRP $129.99

    Plaque is bacteria that threatens your teeth, gums, dental work—possibly even your life. Attack plaque with the Rota-dent Professional Brush. Available only through your dentist, the Rota-dent will change your perception about brushing. Only the Rota-dent has patented microfilament brush tips designed to reach underneath the gum line and in-between the teeth. Never “scrub” or press with the brush head—just let the rotary action of the instrument do the work. Because of the patented manufacturing technology of its brush tips, the Rota-dent cleans more effectively with less pressure. Clinically proven to reduce harmful bacteria beyond the brush tip in Periodontal Pockets...where it counts. 90,000 Filament Sweeps per second, clinically proven as effective as brushing & flossing, and full 360 degree sweeping action carries the MicroAccess filaments into places regular brushes just aren’t able to reach. Lifetime Warranty!

  1. Oral-B TRIUMPH Professional Care 9000
    www.oralb.com     MSRP $139.99

    The Oral-B Triumph is Oral-B's best, most advanced toothbrush system. Inspired by dental professionals, Oral-B Triumph has new brushing technologies and interactive feedback that will help you brush your best every day. An innovative new “FlossAction” brushhead gives you a superior clean—even in hard to reach places! Patented Smart Technology helps you get the most from your brushing. Oral-B Triumph also has Oral-B “ProfessionalCare” patented oscillating-pulsating technology with 40,000 in-and-out pulsations that gently loosen plaque and 8,800 back-and-forth oscillations to sweep it away.

  1. Sonic 1 Toothbrush & Oral Care System
    www.sonictoothbrush.com     MSRP $59.99  (800) 770-7525

    New from Amden Corporation, the Sonic 1 toothbrush uses a patented technology called Sonic Harmonic Resonance. So, just what is Harmonic Resonance? Think of the brush head as a musical tuning fork. When you strike the tuning fork, it vibrates creating a perfect musical note. When you turn on your Sonic 1 power handle, it makes each scientifically designed attachment vibrate at a specific frequency to create the perfect cleaning speed and action. Produces 47,000 gentle brush strokes per minute. Every Sonic head has been carefully engineered – not just to move quickly – but to brush, floss and clean your tongue using the proper cleaning motion.

  1. Waterpik Ultra Dental Water Jet
    www.waterpik.com     MSRP $64.99  Model WP-100

    New for 2006, the Waterpik Ultra is a completely redesigned contemporary compact design. It’s quieter, 20% smaller, and incorporates a unique undercover tip compartment which provides sanitary storage. An advanced pressure control system contains 10 user adjustable settings. Leaves a clean refreshing sensation! Quick and easy to use—ideal for braces and other dental work. Can be used with your favorite mouthwash. The Waterpik Ultra includes a full range of accessories including three standard jet tips, three tongue cleaners, a “Pik Pocket Tip” (for extra gentle cleaning for those with gum disease) and a new orthodontic tip, to clean around braces or other dental work.

  1. Waterpik Cordless Dental Water Jet
    www.waterpik.com     MSRP $34.99  Model WP-360

    The Waterpik Cordless Dental Jet gives you deep cleaning oral care in a compact, rechargeable (no batteries needed), convenient unit. If you’re a Waterpik fan like me, you’ll find this unit gives you a great combination of water pressure and pulsation at a level clinically proven effective to improve gum health. The Waterpik Cordless Dental Jet is equipped with two low-pressure and two high-pressure tips that rotate 360 degrees to reach all areas of the mouth.

  1. VIOlight Toothbrush Sanitizer
    www.violight.com     MSRP $49.95

    The VIOlight is the first consumer friendly toothbrush sanitizer that uses the same germicidal ultraviolet light that kills germs on contact as used by hospitals and dental offices. A must have for any health-conscious families—the VIOlight Toothbrush Sanitizer & Storage System kills harmful germs found on your toothbrush (including E.coli and Salmonella). American Dental Association studies have shown contaminated toothbrushes not only harbor, but transmit both viruses and bacteria which can lead to diseases. Simply place your toothbrushes (up to 4 at a time) in the VIOlight and push the button…the sanitizing process begins immediately—and is all over in just 10 minutes!

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