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"Holiday Gaming Round-Up"

The Muscleman of Technology is here to sort out the best “Gaming Picks” this holiday season in every category: Xbox 360, Wii, PlayStation 3, PSP, Computer Games and Nintendo DS… plus some special surprises! Bruce is not only a hardcore gamer himself, but is the Special Features Editor at Gameworld Industries.

  1. Alienware Aurora 7500 Gaming Computer
    www.alienware.com   $999 and up depending configuration

    The Muscleman of Technology® showed off his own personal gaming computer, the new Alienware Aurora 7500. This stunning state of the art computer in Space Black features AMD’s Athlon 64 X2 5000+ Dual Core Processor to supercharge your system and DUAL Nvidia GeForce 7900 GTX video cards with (512MB each)! Bruce has personally owned and used Alienware computers since 1998! When you demand high performance, superior build quality, innovative style, and award-winning support, turn to Alienware to deliver the definitive solution. Alienware will meticulously craft a high-performance system to match any budget—a computer that will exceed all your expectations. With the unrivaled build quality implemented into every system by Alienware’s highly trained integrators, you are assured of receiving a machine of the absolute finest quality at a price you can afford! See the Alienware website above for computers that are out of this world!

  1. ViewSonic 22" VX2245wm ViewDock LCD Display
    www.viewsonic.com   MSRP $399.99

    This monitor has a beautiful piano-black gloss finish with silver accents. Dock your iPod and listen to tunes while you surf the Internet or do your work. The big 22" screen and super-fast 5ms video response help you excel in your games with no blurs, ghosting or jaggies to slow you down. Integrated stereo speakers and subwoofer drive incredibly rich stereo sound to your desktop display. The VX2245wm sets new standards in multimedia displays with an 8-in-1 card reader, USB connection for your joystick/game control, and integrated microphone and headphone jack. Your desktop experience will never be the same once you bring it all together with your VX2245wm ViewDock and iPod.

  1. Fanatec Headshot Mouse System
    www.fanatec.com     MSRP $99.99

    The heäd$h0t (that’s how they spell it) mouse hardware kit consists of 3 parts: a gaming mouse, a precision surface mouse pad, and an illuminated cable management arch. Made with PC gamers in mind, this is the ultimate mouse for coolness! The Fanatec Headshot Mouse System features a 2000dpi laser sensor, a 2-port powered USB hub base pad (powered with included AC adapter), software to program the extra mouse buttons, and a light-up arch to hold your cord. Even the mouse's width is adjustable to almost any size hand. You can also set it up through the bundled software to emulate a joystick for games or flight simulators. The mouse plugs into the back of the USB hub base and then into your computer. Choose the color of the arch lights (red, green, and blue) through the software—you can also change the colors, brightness, and even make them pulse at a specific rate.

Entertainment Software Rating Board

Attention Parents & Video Game Buyers:
Please check the ESRB rating on both the front and back of the game box prior to purchasing any game to ensure the content is appropriate for your child! The ESRB (www.esrb.org) is a self-regulatory body that was established in 1994 by the Interactive Digital Software Association (IDSA). ESRB independently applies and enforces ratings, advertising guidelines, and online privacy principles adopted by the video game industry.


Microsoft Flight Simulator X Deluxe Edition
www.gamestop.com   MSRP $69.99

FEAR Expansion Pack “Extraction Point”
www.gamestop.com   MSRP $29.99

www.gamestop.com   MSRP $29.99


www.gamestop.com   MSRP $249.99

Wii transforms video games forever. History’s most interactive home video game system launched 11/19/06 in America with 20 new games that reinvent and reshape the gaming experience. Wii Sports, a collection of five sports games, comes with the system. A total of 33 new Wii games will be available before the end of the year, along with downloadable access to another 30 Virtual Console classics.


Excite Truck
www.gamestop.com   MSRP $49.99

The Legend of Zelda Twilight Princess
www.gamestop.com   MSRP $49.99


Nintendo DS Lite (available in Pink, Onyx, or Polar White)
www.gamestop.com   MSRP $129.99

The NEW smaller and brighter Nintendo DS Lite features a sleek folding design loaded with features for a unique gaming experience. The color screens are now even brighter – and the lower touch screen provides a totally new way of playing and controlling games. Use the built-in wireless mode to share games, chat or even play multiplayer games on-line via Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection. Also plays all your favorite Game Boy Advance games in single player mode.

Nintendogs Dalmatian and Friends (New 2006 Edition)
www.gamestop.com   MSRP $34.99

Elite Beat Agents
www.gamestop.com   MSRP $34.99

Clubhouse Games
www.gamestop.com   MSRP $34.99

Gunpey DS
www.gamestop.com   MSRP $29.99


Teen Titans 2
www.gamestop.com   MSRP $19.99


www.gamestop.com   MSRP $499 (20 GB Version) and $599 (60 GB Version)

Modern design with quiet operation with all games in high-definition. Easy to use PSP type interface which plays HD Blu-ray movies (in addition to standard DVDs). Also has built-in Wi-Fi with 60GB (or 20GB) hard drive. Bluetooth support for wireless controllers and backwards-compatible with PS2 and PS1 titles. Built-in memory card readers, online play is free, and HDMI output (with 1080p support).


NBA 07
www.gamestop.com   MSRP $59.99

Genji: Days of the Blade
www.gamestop.com   MSRP $59.99

Resistance: Fall of Man
www.gamestop.com   MSRP $59.99


Guitar Hero II Bundle (comes with Guitar)
www.gamestop.com   MSRP $79.99

Happy Feet
www.gamestop.com   MSRP $39.99


www.gamestop.com   MSRP $29.99

Mercury Meltdown
www.gamestop.com   MSRP $39.99


Gears of War Limited Edition — 1 million copies were sold in it's first two weeks
www.gamestop.com   MSRP $69.99 Regular $59.99

Viva Pinata
www.gamestop.com   MSRP $49.99

www.gamestop.com   MSRP $59.99


BradyGames Strategy Guides
www.bradygames.com and www.gamestop.com   MSRP $499 (20 GB Version) and $599 (60 GB Version)

Today we showcased the Gears of War Hardcover Limited Edition Strategy Guide, Ultimate Alliance Signature Series Guide, Tony Hawk’s Project 8, and Tony Hawk’s Downhill Jam for Nintendo’s Wii console.

BradyGames produces the best Strategy Guides in the industry! After 10 years in the business, BradyGames knows what both casual and hardcore gamers want in a Strategy Guide! Each guide from the collectible Signature Series to the standard video and PC books—features in-depth content, detailed screen captures and quick reference and strategy tips.

Mitsubishi Flat Panel HDTV   Model: LT-37131 LCD
www.mitsubishi-tv.com   About $2,200

Note: We demonstrated Games today on the gorgeous Mitsubishi 37” HDTV.

The LT-37131 LCD Flat Panel HDTV is simply the best design with stunning performance features of any HDTV I’ve ever seen! Try finding a TV at this price that can deliver: True 1080p, 2 HDMI inputs, 2 Component inputs, PC DVI (for your PC), 1394 FireWire input, CableCARD Slot, Remote Controlled Power Swivel, Automatic Easy Connect (automatically recognizes your components as they are plugged-in), 4D video noise reduction, and Illuminated Remote.

This 37” 1080p HDTV delivers over two million pixels, the highest high definition resolution available, producing razor sharp images. And High Contrast Picture creates a picture with deeper blacks and richer dark scene details by dynamically matching the brightness of the TV backlight to that of the on-screen image.

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