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"Best Tech Gifts Under $50"

Shopping for the perfect holiday gift is hard enough—especially if you’re on a fixed budget. The Muscleman of Technology has gone shopping for great tech presents and gear without breaking your budget. Everything on the table today is under $50!

  1. Freeplay Indigo LED Lantern
    www.freeplayenergy.com   MSRP $39.99

    Fitted with a dimmer switch, the Indigo allows you to adjust the brightness of the Lantern to your specific requirements. Choose setting from Night Light to Ultra Bright! LED lighting gives you peace of mind you never have to change the bulbs (lasts to 100,000 hours). Delivers an amazing hour of bright light with just a one minute wind-up! With the Indigo Lantern you’ll have light anytime, anywhere!

  1. VIOlight Toothbrush Sanitizer
    www.violight.com   MSRP $49.95

    The VIOlight is the first consumer friendly toothbrush sanitizer that uses the same germicidal ultraviolet light that kills germs on contact as used by hospitals and dental offices. A must have for any health-conscious families—the VIOlight Toothbrush Sanitizer & Storage System kills harmful germs found on your toothbrush (including E.coli and Salmonella). American Dental Association studies have shown contaminated toothbrushes not only harbor, but transmit both viruses and bacteria which can lead to diseases. Simply place your toothbrushes (up to 4 at a time) in the VIOlight and push the button…the sanitizing process begins immediately—and is all over in just 10 minutes!

  1. Ultra Products Rapid Battery Charger with LCD Display
    www.ultraproducts.com     MSRP $39.99

    Ultra Products, a global leader in technology solutions, has introduced its new Rapid Battery Charger for AA or AAA NiMH rechargeable batteries. The new compact Rapid Charger comes with one-touch discharge and a bright, eye-catching LCD display that reveals all the performance data needed for a quick snapshot. The Rapid Charger is ideal for adding new life to digital cameras, camcorders, CD players, portable radios, MP3 players, or any other compatible digital equipment or gadget. Price is $34.99.

  1. Crosley's Musical Photo Frame Ornaments
    www.crosleyradio.com   MSRP $19.99

    Trim the tree and add some holiday cheer with Crosley's Musical Photo Frame Ornaments. These beautifully hand painted ornaments feature festive designs sure to add merriment to any tree or décor. Open the hinged ornament to reveal two spots for photos of your favorite person, pet, or fond memory. Crosley's Musical Photo Frame Ornaments also feature a wind-up mechanism that when turned will gleefully play a holiday classic. This keepsake is a must have for your favorite holiday moments and memories. Get into the holiday spirit with Crosley's Photo Frame Ornaments and collect all four! 3” diameter with wind-up mechanism.

    • Green: Plays Joy to the World
    • Red: Plays Jingle Bells
    • Blue: Plays We Wish You a Merry Christmas
    • White: Plays Deck the Halls

  1. MegaBass Mini MP3 Speakers
    www.mfagifts.com   MSRP $19.95

    MegaBass are compact MP3 (and iPod) speakers that deliver superior stereo sound quality. Simply plug your iPod or MP3 player into the speakers and instantly transport sound throughout the room. The MegaBass will liven up any atmosphere with your favorite songs—they may be small in size, but MegaBass Speakers provide excellent sound. It’s the perfect gift for any digital music fan! The speakers fold up to 4.5 inches long by 2 inches tall and 1.5 deep, making them easy to store and transport in a purse, bag or suitcase. MegaBass is powered by three AAA batteries and is compatible with virtually any version of the iPod or MP3 player.

  1. InstantFM Music
    www.adstech.com   MSRP $40.00

    Ever listen to the radio and wonder what the name of the song is? Who is the artist? What year was it released? Instant FM Music helps you answer all of those questions! Just plug Instant FM Music into your USB Port, tune to your favorite local FM or Web Radio stations and watch as Instant FM Music & the included software not only record the station's entire playlist, but also separate and identify the songs for easy playback. Listen to and record FM radio broadcasts from stations in your local area and web radio from anywhere in the world with no subscriptions! Program the radio shows you want to record and listen to only the music you want and skip past the rest.

  1. UV Hawk
    www.smarthome.com   MSRP $49.95

    This innovative device measures the intensity of ultraviolet (UV) light to protect skin from potentially damaging sunlight. Medical evidence suggests that the sun's harmful UV rays damage the skin and eyes. Research also shows that fifty percent of all individuals who reach age 65 will develop at least one form of skin cancer, making skin cancer the most common of all cancers. Knowing how much sunlight your skin is absorbing while working or playing outside is more important than ever. The UV HAWK™ comes equipped with adjustable SPF and Skin Tone settings and a sun exposure limit alarm to let you know if you are being exposed to harmful UV rays. In addition to the settings, this device also comes with a built-in thermometer that adjusts between Fahrenheit and Celsius.

  1. Energizer Energi To Go Instant Cell Phone Charger
    www.energizer.com   $14.99 - $24.99

    Energizer Energi To Go products provide fast, long-lasting charging power for your cell phone devices when you’re unplugged and on the go. Compatible with most cell phone brands, these Instant Cell Phone Chargers perform the dual duties of providing the power to talk and the power to charge…anywhere, anytime.

  1. DynaFlex PowerBall with Powerdocking Station
    www.dynaflex-intl.com or www.sharperimage.com   MSRP $49.99

    Possibly the best handheld exerciser ever developed! Get the edge in Golf, Tennis, Bowling or any sport that requires control and a strong grip. It’s being used for carpal tunnel syndrome therapy, by musicians, for improving performance in many activities, and helping to reduce repetitive stress injuries for many computer users. The DynaFlex Power Ball was designed to aid in sports rehabilitation and conditioning of the lower arm. Activating the gyro's spinning motion (dynamism) starts the colored LED lights located in the interior of the gyro. The faster the unit runs (RPMs), the brighter the lights get until the whole hand is engulfed in a bright glow. The included Powerdock makes starting the Gyro simple!

  1. NASCAR 13” Diameter Clocks: #3 NASCAR and #9 Kasey Kahne
    www.mfagifts.com   MSRP $24.99

    Experience one of 12 different authentic race car sounds from the #3 Car at the top of each hour.

    NASCAR #3 Clock: Licensed by NASCAR and Richard Childress Racing, each sound was recorded live at the #3 Race Car team garage. The #3 Clock features a black frame that surrounds an image of the car, and the trademark #3 and NASCAR logos.

    NASCAR #9 Clock: Licensed by NASCAR and Evernham Motorsports, each sound was recorded live at the #9 Kasey Kahn team garage. The #9 Clock features a red frame, with a white racing stripe, and the trademark Evernham and NASCAR logos appearing on the face of the clock.

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