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"Men’s High-Tech Grooming"

Sure, all Men want to look the best we can—why not let technology assist us? Today, Bruce Pechman, The Muscleman of Technology® demonstrates several Men’s High-Tech products you can incorporate into your daily routine to give you that extra edge for looking your best…and they make great present as well!

NOTE: Men have been shaving for thousands of years and here's an interesting statistic for you: “The average man spends 9,000 hours of his life shaving.”

  1. Philips Norelco Arcitec Men’s Razor      Model 1090
    www.norelco.com      MSRP $150 to $270 (depending on model)

    Norelco introduces their arcitec line of revolutionary men’s cordless razors last month! I have been personally using Norelco Razors for over 20 years and can tell you first hand the arcitec line has the best Norelco technology ever to be incorporated into an Electronic Razor. For men who only want the very best, arcitec combines Flex & Pivot Action with the Triple-Track shaving heads for a perfectly close shave, even on the neck! Three independently mobile heads maintain maximum skin contact for a meticulous shave on the face and more challenging contours of the tough to get neck and chin. Charges in just one hour! Full 2 year warranty and 60 Day MBG…Put it to the test!

  1. Braun Pulseonic Shaving System Model 9595
    www.braun.com      MSRP $269.95

    The Braun Pulsonic System adds a revolution in shaving technology. Unique design, innovative character, and uncompromising quality, Pulsonic was engineered to give you the closest, most comfortable Braun shave ever. It is the only shaving system with a new sonic motor that powers a high-frequency, pulsating head. At the simple touch of a button, it stimulates tiny vibrations on the skin to loosen and capture problem hairs for greater cutting efficiency and a close, comfortable shave. Combining ergonomic handling and aesthetic design is nothing new for Braun.

  1. WAHL Men’s Grooming Products
    trimmers.wahl.com      From About $14.95 and Up

    Wahl’s line of personal grooming products for every purpose and category is legendary! For men Wahl has a grooming solution for every specialty type of facial hair. Mustacheea, beards, sideburns, nose hair trimmer and even eyebrows—Wahl has a product to make any man look his best.

  1. Philips Norelco New Nose, Ear, & Eyebrow Trimmer
    www.norelco.com      Model: NT9110 MSRP $14.95

    First ever unique TUBE trimmer guarantees no pulling of hairs in sensitive areas! Fits comfortably in the palm of your hand for a perfect reach every time. 60 day MBG and 2 year warranty—how can you go wrong?

  1. HeadBlade Shaver S4 Signature Series
    www.headblade.com      MSRP $75.00

    The best way to shave your head and keep it groomed! The HeadBlade S4 (Signature Series Stainless Steel) incorporates the Classic’s patented suspension but adds a back wheel for a smoother ride. The automatically adjusting finger ring keeps the S4 secure on your finger. The added weight gives the razor a substantial feel and makes for added smoothness. A built-in kick-stand lets you situate the S4 on any flat surface and keeps the blade (and lubricating strip) elevated for easier drying. The S4 is released in limited numbers—comes with a display/travel case, two extra adapters and one extra blade (both stored in a small compartment under the case). Don’t forget to check out the HeadCare products: HeadLube, HeadSlick, and HeadShade!

  1. Gillette Fusion Power
    www.gillettefusion.com      About $14.95

    Fusion Power Phantom is a power wet shaving system that combines revolutionary blade technologies on the front and back of a single shaving cartridge, while delivering soothing micro pulses that help reduce friction and increase razor glide for the best shave ever. It features a 5 blade shaving surface.

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