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"Holiday Robot Invasion"

Thinking about giving a gift that can astonish? What about a friendly Robotic Giant Panda that can teach you kids—or a Robotic Arthropod? Bruce Pechman, The Muscleman of Technology® is here to demonstrate some of the season’s greatest consumer Robots and remote controlled toys!

  1. Roboquad by Wow Wee
    www.roboquadonline.com      $99.99

    Roboquad is an animated robot with unique multi-directional movement capabilities and advanced sensory awareness. Featuring multi-colored flashing lights and techno sound effects, Roboquad is the first true robotic arthropod. Change his Awareness, Activity or Aggression levels to completely alter his personality and behaviors.

  1. Robopanda by Wow Wee
    www.robopandaonline.com      $149.99

    Robopanda is a playful and talkative interactive friend. With his engaging personality and bright animated eyes, Robopanda loves to share stories and jokes, play games, sing songs and talk with children of all ages. He's a fun-filled robotic bear who can even crawl on all fours and return to a sitting position.

    Designed to work without a remote control, Robopanda is controlled directly by touch and sound. You'll experience hours of delight and entertainment playing with him and his interactive cartridge-based content.

  1. Bee Movie’s Barry B. Benson
    www.radioshack.com      $49.99

    Wow Wee’s FlyTech officially licensed Barry B. Benson from The Bee Movie is the world's first radio-controlled flying Bee! With his ultra-light, dual-wing design and "high-flex" crash-resistant structure, this Bee is an easy-to-fly aeronautical marvel. Use the Barry B. Benson indoors or outdoors, controlling his speed, direction and height with the 2 channel digital matching Yellow & Black remote.

  1. i-Sobot by Tomy
    www.isobotrobot.com      $299.99

    According to the Guinness Book of World Records, standing only 6.5 inches tall, i-Sobot is the world’s smallest mass produced humanoid robot. He sings, dances, rolls, kicks, and does just about everything you would expect a miniature robotic man to do. I-Sobot is packed with over 200 words and phrases, and 200 pre-programmed movements! It also responds to 10 preprogrammed voice commands and comes with a hilarious collection of special action commands which include animal and celebrity impressions. 17 servos make i-Sobot walk and move like a real human. Built-in gyro-sensors, 2 LEDs, and voice command recognition make him way more fun to have around than most people you know!

  1. Radio-Controlled Nintendo Donkey Kong Kart by NKOK
    Radio Controlled Nintendo Mario Kart by NKOK
    www.etoys.com      $49.99 each

    These officially licensed “Full-Function radio-control” Donkey Kong Kart or Mario Kart features turbo speed game sounds and an engine light. Maneuver forward, backward, left and right. Enjoy hours of Donkey Kong cruising around the home. What kid wouldn't love this R/C Donkey Kong Kart!

    Requires 8 "AA" batteries, not included. 49MHz. & 27MHz

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