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"Hi-Tech Watches"

There is nothing more fashionable than a great looking timepiece. Watches have become the new breeding ground for merging chic styling with unique tech related features—these watches are no “one-trick” ponies! Prepare to be astonished as The Muscleman of Technology demonstrates the latest craze in amazing “High-Tech Watches” to our KUSI-TV viewers.

  1. SleepTracker Watch
    www.sleeptracker.com   MSRP $149.00

    This is no gimmick! The SleepTracker watch monitors your body and continuously looks for your best personal waking times so you never get up feeling cranky. SleepTracker wakes you up at just the right moment-during a window of time YOU set. Imagine not feeling tired in the morning…and getting personalized feedback on your sleep patterns! Years of sleep research went into this product. Every night you’ll be able to monitor how soundly you sleep and rest thanks to the Data Screen which records your sleep pattern results. When you go to sleep, the SleepTracker continuously monitors signals from your body which indicate whether you are asleep or awake. When you wear the SleepTracker on your wrist, its internal sensors and accelerometer detect the most subtle signals from your body. Holy Circadian Rhythms Batman!

  1. OV-Watch Fertility Predictor
    www.ovwatch.com   Special: $99 for OV-Watch with 1 sensor (regularly $149)
                                   The OV-Watch plus 3 sensors is $189
                                   Also sold online at drugstore.com and amazon.com

    Finding the right “time” to conceive can be frustrating. A common misconception for couples is they should only have intercourse when the female is ovulating. However, the day of ovulation is not the only day that is considered “fertile.” Recent scientific findings demonstrate that a woman’s highest probability of conception is on the 4-5 days before ovulation. The “OV-Watch Fertility Predictor” is clinically proven, patented, and FDA-cleared! It finds those crucial 4 days before ovulation like nothing else can. It detects the chemical surge of chloride ions on the skin, an early predictor of a woman’s fertility. Maximize your most fertile days with OV-Watch and double your chances of conceiving!

  1. Mio Shape Elite Fitness Watch
    www.miowatch.com     MSRP $149.99

    The world’s first watch to give an ECG-accurate heart rate without a chest strap! To measure your heart rate, simply place two fingers on the MioSensors. Enter your personal data such as gender, date of birth, weight, and resting heart rate into the Mio. During exercise Mio can tell your percent of maximum heart rate, calories burned, and most importantly, recovery time to resting heart rate—amazing! Great for anyone interested in weight management, general health, and fitness. Includes the MioSENSE Guide for Shape Elite—a proven 13-week, 10k Walk/Run program!

  1. Special Edition MioPINK Shape Select
    www.miowatch.com   MSRP $119.99

    Ideal for fitness enthusiasts, tri-athletes, cyclists, or anyone who cares about their health! The MioPINK Shape Select lets you monitor ECG-accurate heart rate functions without a chest strap. A simple check on your wrist gives Mio owners a plethora of information designed to make their chosen activity better. Includes advanced fitness and lap timers, and records average heart rate during a workout. Order a MioPINK watch today, and Mio will donate 10% of the retail sales price to the Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer Foundation. Too much more to mention here—check out their web site.

  1. Freestyle Tide 2.0 Watch
    www.freestyleusa.com   MSRP $85.00

    This has got to be the ultimate Hi-Tech Beach Watch! Freestyle's "Tide 2.0" watch will tell you the High & Low tides for 200 beaches worldwide (10-year tide data built-in) including Newport Beach, Santa Monica, and Ventura! Even has a Programmable Beach Capability. Displays current / future tide height and direction. Other features: countdown timers, chronograph with split times, water-resistant to 300 feet, durable polyurethane strap, and electro-luminescent backlighting.

  1. Freestyle Ultra Shark Watch
    www.freestyleusa.com   MSRP $100.00

    A great watch for the “Sun Worshipper”—Freestyle's Ultra Shark Watch will provide you with a UV sensor level display readout so you can stay protected from the intensity of Ultra Violet rays (without having to suffer getting red like a lobster on the beach)! Other features: Dual time/Countdown timer, alarm for day & date, chronograph with split times, water-resistant to 300 feet, super cool black shark style durable polyurethane strap, and night vision backlight display.

  1. Casio Men's Pathfinder Sport Watches
    www.casio.com   PAW1200T-7V ($350)

    Casio's multi band Atomic Solar Pathfinder PAW1200 series is the perfect accessory for the guy who wants it all. Jetsetter or rugged outdoor lovers will love this military inspired oversized fashion statement. While it's much more than a timekeeping device, he'll worry less about resetting the time on this multi band atomic watch—even when traveling in the U.S. Amazing features include digital compass, barometer with temperature display, altimeter, and thermometer!

  1. Big Ben LED Wall Clock
    www.gadgetuniverse.com   MSRP $99.95

    At over 3 feet long, the Big Ben Clock can be seen from over 100 yards away! Perfect for home, school, business, or corporate environments. The perfect conversation piece…or starter! No more excuse for being late now either. Measures 40” x 15” x 1.5 thick-12 lbs.

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