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"Best Portable Fitness Gear"

The Holidays are almost here—so it’s never too late to work on your fitness! The Muscleman of Technology is here to show a few amazing fitness inventions which are perfect for home or on the go. Want to have fun working out instead of going to boring gyms? Don’t miss this segment to see the amazing newfangled fitness gear!

  1. The Mobiky Genius Folding Bike
    www.mobikyusa.com      $699.00

    This is the best commuter bike ever: folds and unfolds in under 3 seconds!
    Supports riders up to 240 lbs!
    Features front disc brakes, 3-speed, and a lightweight aircraft 6061 aluminum frame!

    The Mobiky Genius folding bike is perfect for commuter travel—on and off subways, buses and all over congested city streets. Unlike other folding bikes with multiple steps, the Genius folds inward like an accordion, in one quick and simple step. Best of all, it unfolds and is ready to ride in under 3 seconds too! What makes the Genius unique is that, once folded, it easily rolls along side you as you navigate crowded sidewalks or subway platforms. Never carry your folding bike long distances again! If you do need to pick it up, a convenient padded carry handle sits right in reach. An ingenious dual-chain system allows the durable, 12-inch weather resistant tires to cover two tire rotations with one pedal stroke yet — essentially covering the same ground as a bike with 24-inch tires.

  1. The Ultimate Burn Machine
    www.theburnmachine.com      $299.00

    The Ultimate Burn Machine provides two distinctive types of workouts. First, utilizing 360-degree rotating cushioned grips, Burn Machines allow for total control in strength training. Secondly, the horizontal center bar connecting the 360-degree rotating grips has an Asymmetrical Burn Counterweight that can be moved from side to side, enabling symmetrical and asymmetrical workouts without changing machines.

    24 lbs. crescent weights and display stand included. Weight bar is 24 lbs.; crescent weights, 24 lbs.; total weight, 48 lbs. The curved polished crescent weights and sleek lines make this one of our top models. When displayed on the supplied stand, it is a true work of “functional art.” All models are shipped with custom, zippered tote bags.

  1. Perfect Push-Up Travel Model
    www.perfectpushup.com      Perfect Push-Up Travel $59.99   Standard Model $39.99

    The Perfect Push-Up Travel's rotating handles allow your arms to rotate naturally the same way they do when you throw a punch or press up a dumb bell. This unique feature accelerates results by engaging more muscles in the arms, chest, shoulders, and back. It also helps reduce strain on wrists and elbows, and helps to stabilize and strengthen the shoulder joint. You will notice the comfort and effectiveness of the Perfect Pushup on the very first try! Perfect for any fitness level—from beginner through Olympic athlete. Weighs less than 2lbs and includes cool neoprene case with travel workout cards.

  1. Armee
    www.wristroller.com      or (800) 214-6042   $39.95

    Improve in your favorite sport today! Stronger wrists, forearms and shoulders help insure a better game! A fantastic performance training tool for basically every sport. Used by the Pro’s including the Anaheim Angels! Quick easy results in just minutes a day.

    Physical Rehabilitation
    Arms, wrists, fingers, hands, shoulders, tennis elbow, carpal tunnel, rotator cuff, plus many more uses to restore from many types of hand wrist and shoulder injuries. Easy and simple to use 2-3 minutes per day. Do not cheat by letting weight slip down. Add weight if you can easily use it for 3 minutes, remove weight if you cannot.

  1. The Steel Bow
    www.bowproducts.com      MSRP $74.99 (includes shipping charges)

    The Steel-Bow is designed to be used by ANYONE! There is no age or gender that cannot benefit from this unique design. Light and compact, the Steel-Bow goes anywhere you do.

    Unique interchangeable spring design lets you choose from 3 different types off fitness programs:

    Isometric – A fast efficient muscle building program anyone can do Isotonic – When tone and definition are your desired result Iso-Motion – The ultimate conditioning exercise program! This program combines Isometric, Isotonic and Isokenetic exercise, combined with Pilates/Tai Chi style movement—challenging every muscle in motion with positive and negative resistance.

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