Merrell footwear is known to fit right out of the box.
They've invested in the research and technology it takes to provide a precise, comfortable
fit— a fit specific to whoever is wearing our footwear, whether that's a man, woman, or child.

"Hi-Tech Gadgets for Ladies on the Go!"

If you think "Hi-Tech Electronics and Gear” was just made for guys think again! The Muscleman of Technology has gone shopping for great gear especially with the ladies in mind. Today we have an amazing round-up of products that every woman would be proud to own! The Muscleman of Technology is here to explain how these products will make your lives easier.

  1. mobiBlu Special Edition “Q-Bling” Mini Cube MP3 Player
    www.mobibluamerica.com   Model DAH-1500i  MSRP $149.99

    The world’s smallest MP3 Player—super compact size and weighs only 18 grams! But make no mistake; this is a fully featured MP3 player and a marvel of technology that fits in the palm of your hand. The cutting edge OLED (Organic Light Emitting Diode) display looks awesome and draws less power than conventional LCD displays. 12 hour built-in Lithium-Ion battery, FM radio, USB connection/charging cable, headphone necklace, 6 preset equalization modes, and built-in clock round out the standard features. Available in 3 different colors: Blue, Silver and Pink (1 Gig).

    NOTE: This special edition is covered with genuine Swarovski crystal jewels. Q-Bling comes with necklace style matching color earbuds, which are also adorned with Swarovski crystals, so this is a wearable portable audio player that will really turn heads and will certainly become a collector’s piece. It has 1 Gigabyte of storage.

  1. MP3 eClipse Sport Watches by nTren Technologies
    www.ntrensound.com   1GB Model, $189.00

    Internationally patented, this is the most advanced MP3 watch in the world! A breathtaking fusion of technology and refined style! Sports appearance and great stereo sound quality plus water-resistant from 3-10 ATM. Available in 512MB or 1GB models. Rechargeable battery plays 10 hours of music with music storage built into the watch’s housing. High quality watch movement rounds off the feature set. Watch includes earphones, cables, and everything you need to immediately start listening to your favorite songs. The Hi Li-ion rechargeable battery is recharged through the USB connection to your computer or thru the provided A/C adapter.

  1. CASIO EX-S770 Ultra-Slim Pocket Camera
    www.casio.com     MSRP $379.99

    The best CASIO Ultra-Slim Card ever! This just released 7.2 Megapixel camera has superior high-resolution photo imaging, a 2.8-inch LCD screen in a thin body digital camera. Finally bringing full wide screen support (14:9 aspect ratio) the S770 does it all. Delivers excellent quality with full color brilliance and sharpness. 2.8" wide LCD display is approximately 20% bigger than the previous models. High-speed performance and super-fast start up and image scrolling makes it a pleasure to use. The S770 LCD panel now aligns all the information icons on the right hand side to easily view your display and to easily change modes or to see quickly for reference. Ebay mode, and data transport mode—see site for all the details.

  1. Sprint Power Vision KATANA Phone Pink
    www.sprint.com   MSRP $79.99 with contract ($279 without)

    The new Ultra-thin affordable Pink Katana phone from Sprint is just beautiful! Features a huge 320 x 240 display, built-in web browser, Speakerphone, Bluetooth, holds 500 contacts, and has fantastic battery life. Nice camera built-in as well. Available in Pink, Blue or Black.

  1. Pink Nintendo DS Lite
    www.gamestop.com   MSRP $129.99

    The NEW smaller and brighter Nintendo DS Lite in Pink features a sleek folding design – loaded with features for a unique gaming experience. The color screens are now even brighter – and the lower touch screen provides a totally new way of playing and controlling games. Use the built-in wireless mode to share games, chat or even play multiplayer games on-line via Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection. Also plays all your favorite Game Boy Advance games in single player mode.

    Don’t forget to play Big Brain Academy ($19.99)—a great fast paced travel game. A stress reliever you play on the DS! Big Brain Academy features 15 activities that test your brain powers in areas like logic, memory, math and analysis. Great for the whole family, playable by all ages with only one cartridge needed for eight players and each activity takes less than a minute to complete.

  1. Imation Clip USB Flash Drive
    www.imation.com   $20 to $99 Depending on Size

    For the ultimate in portable data storage, the Imation Clip Flash Drive is the easy answer. Safely encased in a tough rubberized shell, this extremely compact flash drive can be quickly removed from its case to share or transfer files while fitting into the tightest USB slots. An ultra-durable clip attaches the drive quickly and easily to backpacks, shoulder bags or belt loops to ensure that the drive is ready to go anywhere it's needed. Students and business professionals alike will enjoy the ease and simplicity of transferring data files, music, photos or videos with the Imation Clip Flash Drive. Available capacities include 256MB, 512MB, 1GB, and 2GB.

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