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"Hi-Tech Gadgets for Ladies on the Go!"

If you think "Hi-Tech Electronics and Gear” was just made for guys think again! The Muscleman of Technology has gone shopping for great gear especially with the ladies in mind. Today we have an amazing round-up of products that every woman would be proud to own! The Muscleman of Technology is here to explain how these products will make your lives easier.

  1. Roomba Discovery Robotic Floor Vacuum
    www.irobot.com   MSRP $279.99

    The Roomba Discovery Robotic Vacuum will rock your world! Not only will the Discovery model clean under beds, along kitchen kickboards, and wherever dirt tries to hide, but it will automatically seek out and dock inside its home base to recharge if batteries run down! Don’t worry about your Roomba Discovery model ever getting stuck either: if it senses being wedged, it will simply launch a pre-programmed escape routine and resume cleaning the room! Roomba will never get hurt falling down stairs—sensors will auto detect and steer Roomba away. Roomba automatically calculates how long it needs to clean your entire room and built-in sensing software adjusts its behavior 67 times per second! Complete with remote control and Virtual Wall System to prevent Roomba from going where you don’t want it to. Best of all, it does an awesome job cleaning, including picking up pet hair!

  1. “Q-Bling” Mini-Cube MP3 Player
    www.mobibluamerica.com   Model DAH-1500i  MSRP $149.99

    The world’s smallest MP3 Player—super compact size and weighs only 18 grams! This mini-cube MP3 player from mobiBlu is fully featured and a marvel of technology. It fits in the palm of your hand and can be worn around your neck like fine jewelry. The cutting edge OLED (Organic Light Emitting Diode) display looks awesome and draws less power than conventional LCD displays. 12 hour built-in Lithium-Ion battery, FM radio, USB connection/charging cable, headphone necklace, 6 preset equalization modes, and built-in clock round out the standard features. Available in 3 different colors: Blue, Silver and Pink (1 Gigabyte of storage).

    NOTE: This special edition is covered with genuine Swarovski crystal jewels. Q-Bling comes with necklace style matching color earbuds, which are also adorned with Swarovski crystals! This wearable portable audio player will really turn heads—and will certainly become a collector’s piece.

  1. MP3 Player eClipse Sport Watches
    www.ntrensound.com   (nTren Technologies) 1GB Model, $189.00

    Internationally patented, this is the most advanced MP3 watch in the world! A breathtaking fusion of technology and refined style! Sports appearance and great stereo sound quality (plus water-resistant up to 100 feet). Available in 512MB or 1GB models. Rechargeable battery plays 10 hours of music with music storage built into the watch’s housing. High quality watch movement rounds off the feature set. Watch includes earphones, cables, and everything you need to immediately start listening to your favorite songs. The Hi Li-ion rechargeable battery is recharged through the USB connection to your computer or thru the provided A/C adapter.

  1. CASIO EX-S770 Ultra-Slim Pocket Camera in Red
    www.casio.com     MSRP $379.99

    This is the best Casio Ultra-Slim Camera ever! Just released, the S770 is a 7.2 Megapixel camera with superior high-resolution photo imaging features. Huge widescreen 2.8-inch LCD screen brings “full wide screen support” (16:9 aspect ratio) to a slim body camera. The S770 does it all delivering excellent quality with full color brilliance and sharpness. The 2.8” LCD display is approximately 20% bigger than the previous models. High-speed performance and super-fast start up and image scrolling makes it a pleasure to use. The S770 LCD panel now aligns all the information icons on the right hand side to easily view your settings. Simple to change modes! Awesome movie-mode in widescreen format. Ebay mode, plus over 30 scene modes—see site for all the details.

  1. Kodak V705 Digital Camera in Pink
    www.kodak.com   MSRP $349.99

    You’ll love this new “Absolute Pink” Kodak EasyShare V705 Dual-Lens 7 Megapixel digital camera. This camera is unique because it has 2 built-in lenses—one regular lens and one ultra-wide angle lens! If you purchase during October 2006 at the Kodak on-line store, a $25 donation will be made by Kodak to the Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer Foundation. Features both ultra wide-angle (23 mm equivalent) and zoom capability (5X optical zoom). How would you like to take a 180 degree panorama picture you can print and share? Well you can with the V705! A built-in guide will show you how to frame the 2nd and 3rd shots so everything stitches seamlessly together—the camera does all the work for you and puts it together automatically.

    Bruce also featured the new Kodak EASYSHARE G600 Printer Dock. No computer is necessary to print your photos. 60 second print speed, Worry-free borderless prints, Auto picture enhance, Designed for portability. Price $149.95

  1. Pink Nintendo DS Lite
    www.gamestop.com   MSRP $129.99

    The NEW smaller and brighter Nintendo DS Lite in Pink features a sleek folding design loaded with features for a unique gaming experience. The color screens are now even brighter – and the lower touch screen provides a totally new way of playing and controlling games. Use the built-in wireless mode to share games, chat or even play multiplayer games on-line via Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection. Also plays all your favorite Game Boy Advance games in single player mode.

    The two hottest games for the Nintendo DS Lite are these newly released games both available at any Gamestop store or your favorite video game retailer.

    Nintendogs Dalmatian and Friends! Limited Edition  $34.99
    Put a puppy inside your Nintendo DS! Described as a "puppy simulator", this innovative new title gives you a small amount of money to purchase your own puppy...and from there, the sky's the limit! Using the Nintendo DS's built-in microphone, you can name your dog, and then teach him tricks! Nintendogs also makes heavy use of the DS Touch Screen. Use the stylus to pet your dog, rub him on the belly, or touch his nose! But be careful: different dog breeds have different personalities, and not all like to be treated the same way.

    Clubhouse Games  $34.99
    It’s game night and everyone’s invited! Play more than 20 classic board, card and party games alone with friends (or via Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection). With familiar favorites like checkers, darts and poker, Clubhouse Games is for everyone! Touch Generations library of games—video game newcomers will appreciate the easy-to-use interface.

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