Bruce's January 31 st, 2006 Theme:

"Super Bowl Party Technology"

The "Big Game" is coming this Sunday! Why not convert your living space into a multi-sensational Hi Tech Super Bowl experience-it's easier than you think. Let The Muscleman of Technology give you some great ideas to accessorize your favorite living space into a true multi-sensational room which looks great and sounds great too! Bruce will do a live demonstration of the world's most advanced Massage Chair, a universal remote that can see through walls and program itself, plus speakers that look like they were designed by Aliens. KUSI viewers will be drooling at this gorgeous equipment!

  1. SANYO Massage Chair Lounger - Model HEC - SA5000K
    www.sanyomassagechairs.com   $3,999.99

    What better way to enjoy the big game than having your own personal masseuse on call to sooth and relax you in your own luxurious full body Massage Lounger? Stop dreaming because you can have it all with Sanyo's brand new 2006 HEC-SA5000K Massage Chair. This relaxing massage chair introduces Sanyo's exclusive stiffness detection and physical shape sensors that provide a unique and personalized massage. It will evaluate where you are holding stress and target those areas specifically! Exclusive GK Rollers "grasp and knead" to emulate a live massage. Choose 1 of 4 full-body automatic courses, or 3 lower body courses. To manually control the massage, select one of 8 individual or 12 combination courses. Hi Tech Control Unit puts you in control of every function with a touch of a button! The Console features color graphical display in bright easy to read letters. Don't forget you feet: Leg and Foot Multi-Point Shiatsu Massage deliver deep and penetrating relief to feet, calves, and legs. Optional heat setting can be used to promote circulation and relaxation. Whether you're looking for a pleasurable experience or needing the therapeutic values of massage for the relief of pain, the Sanyo HEC-SA5000K Massage Chair will support you in way you never imagined!

  1. Elite Entertainment

    Elite Entertainment simply makes breathtakingly beautiful furniture. They are a local company in Southern California that manufactures and designs residential furniture. They are driven by a passion for original designs, and utilize the talent of many leading American designers. Today we featured two gorgeous original home theatre pieces designed and created by Nolen Niu called the VECTRA and the SIMPLEX.

    VECTRA- (MSRP $499) Model ES7533 A unique "V" shaped design is not just for looks ­ the structure utilizes weight and gravity to provide stability. The three steel shelf frames lock the end panels into place creating a wedge that adds strength to the unit. Wire management is available for each level of shelving. Steel frame is available in Titanium and wood components are available in Espresso finish. Dimensions are: 60w x 20h x 24d

    SIMPLEX- (MSRP $479) Model ES7532 The SIMPLEX's clean and refined style offers a refreshing look in home entertainment. The long and low profile is perfect for today's modern interiors. Wire management is incorporated into the body of the wood shelf. Twin steel frames support the frosted tempered glass TV shelf. Steel frames are available in Titanium and wood components are available in Espresso finish. Dimensions are: 60w x 18h x 17d


    Elite's Entertainment Line: Vectra (left) and Simplex (right) models

    For more information about viewing or purchasing the Vectra or Simplex, visit the following locations:

    LAWRANCE (San Diego Showroom)            DÉCOR FURNITURE
    633 University Avenue                                 9252 Miramar Road
    San Diego, CA 92103                                  San Diego, CA 92126
    (888) 400-6627                                           (858) 586-0151

    LAWRANCE (Encinitas Showroom)               DÉCOR FURNITURE
    117 N. El Camino Real                                  816 Paseo Del Rey
    Encinitas, CA 92024                                     Chula Vista, CA 91910
    (888) 400-6627                                            (619) 216-2160

    8990 Miramar Road
    San Diego, CA 92126
    (858) 549-2090

  1. Logitech Harmony 890 Advanced Universal Remote
    www.logitech.com   MSRP $399.99

    Imagine controlling all your devices using only one remote-without a direct line of sight to the components! With the Harmony 890 Remote you can control your home entertainment systems while components remain hidden behind cabinet doors or walls (Harmony 890 remote uses both radio frequency (RF) and infrared (IR) wireless signals to deliver powerful control of your home-entertainment equipment even if hidden behind cabinets or walls). Once your Harmony Remote is configured, it can control your entire home theater system with one button press! Using Activity buttons labeled "Watch a Movie," "Watch TV," "Listen to Music," and "More Activities," your Harmony Remote can send all the right commands to your entertainment system without requiring you to program a macro. Set it up in a snap with an advanced setup wizard. Don't worry about the batteries-the rechargeable lithium ion battery charges in the attractive charging station when not in use. Color display with icons is a pleasure to use.

  1. Pyramat Sound Rocker Model PM 220
    www.pyramat.com   MSRP $129.99

    Get off the couch and into the game with the new ergonomically designed Sound Rocker from Pyramat-it will blow you away! Built-in "Audio Response Technology" strategically placed sound makers (Subwoofers, Rumblers, Speakers) will let you experience unbelievable life like response from movies, video games, and music. Immerse yourself in your own Personal Surround Sound environment and feel the action! Individual volume and bass controls in front of unit. Even has MP3 player holder and input, headphone jack, folds for easy storage and compatible with all current gaming consoles, TVs, DVDs, VCRs, iPods, etc.

  1. Podspeakers
    www.podspeakers.com   MSRP 299.99 and up depending on model

    The Podspeaker family is more than a HI-FI speaker. It is also a modish piece of furniture bringing to your home fresh style, innovative design, and lush color forms-not to mention a remarkably accurate sound at a very reasonable price. A set of mini or micropods will keep their value for many years to come-both because of the quality of the components used in the speakers, but also because of the value in their sheer beauty. Everybody will adore them and ask where you got them!

  1. Excalibur NFL Universal Remote
    www.excaliburelectronics.com   MSRP $19.99

    The Excalibur NFL Remote Football 5-n-1 Universal Remote Control is a soft football that is also a working TV remote control. Every armchair quarterback will love passing this TV remote. It's a full-function remote for your TV, VCR and cable box. Just push the button and you'll hear Hank Williams sing "Are You Ready For Some Football?" The remote control works with all your media equipment, from TV to satellite. It's a remote that will score big with all of your football-watching buddies.

One final tip for watching the Super Bowl:
If you want to absolutely make sure your TV is adjusted properly for the Big Game with accurate colors, contrast, and brightness The Muscleman of Technology® strongly recommends SpyderTV Home TV calibrator.details below!

  1. Datacolor SpyderTV Home Television Calibrator
    www.colorvision.com   MSRP $269

    The SpyderTV Colorimeter is the new standard for TV color accuracy! Have you ever tried to adjust your TV settings to get a better picture and never quite gotten it right? SpyderTV takes the guesswork out of improving your TV picture! It doesn't rely on the human eye, which is subjective. Instead it uses the Spyder, a scientific colorimeter that replaces the human eye. SpyderTV scientifically measures contrast, brightness, color, tint and color temperature pre-sets, as the wizard-driven software fine-tunes settings for your specific TV. It is the first product that takes the guesswork out of improving and tweaking your Home TV settings.

  1. Sound & Vision Magazine

    If you're really into Home Theater and want to keep up with the latest trends and news, why not subscribe to one of The Muscleman of Technology's favorite magazines--Sound & Vision? The world's largest entertainment equipment magazine, Sound & Vision is the preeminent source for consumers of home theater, audio, video and multimedia products.














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