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Bruce's January 15th, 2006 Theme:

"Hot 2006 Computer Technology"

Thinking about buying a new computer? Perhaps upgrading some components in your trustworthy old workhorse? Confused about the type of Processor (CPU), Video Card (GPU), Hard Drive and Display you should select? Not sure if you should wait or buy a new computer now? Bruce Pechman, The Muscleman of Technology sets you straight on all the latest trends, hottest technologies, and quality components while avoiding potential pitfalls so your investment in your next computer will last a long time!

  1. Alienware Aurora 7500 High Performance Computer
    www.alienware.com   From $1,699 and up depending on configuration

    The Muscleman of Technology® showed off the new Alienware Aurora 7500 high performance computer. This stunning state of the art computer in Cyborg Green features AlienIce Liquid Cooling and DUAL Nvidia GeForce 7800 GTX video cards with (512MB each)! Bruce has personally owned and used Alienware computers since 1998! When you demand high performance, superior build quality, innovative style, and award-winning support, turn to Alienware to deliver the definitive solution. Alienware will meticulously craft a high performance system to match any budget-a computer that will exceed all your expectations. With the unrivaled build quality implemented into every system by Alienware's highly trained integrators, you are assured of receiving a machine of the absolute finest quality at a price you can afford!

  1. ViewSonic 23" Wide Screen LCD Display, VP2330WB
    www.viewsonic.com     MSRP $1,559.00

    When it comes to computer technology, you want only the best on your desktop. Why settle for anything less when it comes to your computer display? The best in color, brightness, design and overall performance are all available from ViewSonic's all new 2006 computer LCD displays. Today we featured ViewSonic's flagship 23" Ultra-Slim bezel widescreen display with 8 ms response time with ClearMotiv HD broadcast quality video! The VP2330wb is amazing with a native resolution of 1920 x 1200 and integrated PerfectSuite software to control every aspect of your display including full pivot from landscape to portrait on the fly. Built-in stand lets you swivel 170 degrees and adjust up and down so it ergonomically is just right for you! The ViewSonic 23" widescreen display delivers the utmost in quality and performance to your desktop and adds excitement to all of your applications-from gaming and surfing the Internet to digital photo/video editing and watching DVD movies.

  1. Logitech Z-5450
    www.logitech.com   MSRP $499.99

    Eliminate the hassle of hiding speaker wires! Immerse yourself in clutter-free, high-fidelity digital surround sound with Logitech“s THX-certified, 315-watt Z-5450 Digital 5.1 speaker system with digital hardware decoder and dual wireless rear speakers. The Digital "SoundTouch" Control Center supports Dolby Digital and DTS soundtracks and includes digital and analog inputs for connecting DVD players, PCs, video game consoles, MP3 players, and more. Fine-tune your listening experience with a convenient wireless remote. Wall-mountable satellites help make installation easy in any room. The patented dual-chamber subwoofer enhances your games, music, and movies with thundering distortion-free bass. Change the effects settings, adjust or mute the volume, decode Dolby Digital, and use the auxiliary input jack for connecting your MP3 player-all wirelessly with the compact SoundTouch Control Center.













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