Fitness Gear Review:


 Quantum Fitness Power Crunch 600

“The Ultimate Home Abdominal Machine”


By Bruce Pechman, The Muscleman of Technology®                                                       October 2006





The Power Crunch 600 is the Ultimate Home Abdominal Workout Machine Because:


Ø       Only the Power Crunch 600 uses patented dual pivot technology to precision target both upper and lower Abdominal crunch movements simultaneously


Ø       Only the Power Crunch 600 offers left and right oblique isolation—simple adjustment allows easy isolation of side to side internal & external oblique muscles


Ø       Laboratory testing at University of Houston’s Department of Human Performance confirms the Power Crunch 600 creates 52% more muscle activation by the abdominals because you’re directly hitting the upper and lower abs in one efficient motion


Ø       Resistance can be increased by adding standard weights to the built-in peg


Ø       Amazing Value at $500, commercial quality construction and less than 100lbs!



I have been searching for the perfect abdominal machine for over 20 years and I finally found it! Quantum Fitness Corporation from Stafford, Texas ( has finally come up with the world’s greatest home abdominal fitness machine. The Power Crunch 600 is no gimmick either—Quantum Fitness has been perfecting this machine for almost a decade. It started many years ago with the “Thera-Crunch” a commercial quality abdominal machine found in many health clubs. The improved “Power Crunch” line became so wildly successful (used in 10,000 facilities world wide) Quantum began enhancing the entire “Power Crunch” line for both commercial and home use. This evolved into the Power Crunch 1200 Plus for commercial gyms, and the newly released (October, 2006) Power Crunch 600 for home use. The brand new Power Crunch 600 incorporates a revolutionary new design that’s going to change the way you work your abdominals—let me explain why. 


It’s Crunch Time

Guess what? For you dear readers it really is Crunch Time! In this day and age everyone is soft and doughy around the middle…perhaps some a little more than others. Truth be told, even my mid-section could be more toned and firmer—and I’m the one and only Muscleman of Technology. I will be the first person to tell you diet is half the solution, but the other 50% is from your sedentary lifestyle and not consistently hitting your Abs with the proper technique. But don’t despair. The Power Crunch 600 will precisely and surgically target your upper and lower Abs while giving you the added bonus of exclusive left and right oblique isolation. The Power Crunch 600 not only eliminates the human error factor in performing your crunches, but every rep you do is guaranteed to give maximum benefit to your entire mid-section (including upper, lower, and left/ right obliques).




Perfect for Everyone

There are many great reasons why you should choose to invest in the Power Crunch 600. Not only is $500 a small price to invest in your health with the promise of a firmer, flatter, and toned abdominal section, but this is truly the greatest piece of abdominal home exercise equipment for achieving your slimming goals. The Power Crunch 600 is flexible to your needs. Tough guy thinks it’s too easy? Just add a couple of quarters (gym speak for extra weight) to the built-in weight peg. This is no smoke and mirrors. The University of Houston's Department of Human Performance extensive Electromyographical (EMG) tests were performed on a wide variety of people ranging from old and young, to male and female. The Results: “The Power Crunch 600 out-performed all major abdominal floor exercises with up to 51% greater involvement in the upper region of the rectus abdominis and 44% greater in the lower region.” Now you know why it is nick named the “The Ultimate Home Abdominal Machine.”


Invest in a Slimmer You

If you’re serious about finally doing something about that stubborn belly—and space and time are at a premium—you’ll be hard pressed to find a better solution than the Quantum Fitness Power Crunch 600. Simply place your feet in-between the two cushy foot pads, and rest your back and head on the 30˚slanted top pad. Grab the two handles when you are comfortably in position. Then just pull with your feet and upper body together at the same time. The last part is the most important because if you don’t bring both upper and lower body together simultaneously to create the perfect Ab movement, you’ll notice you can’t move the Power Crunch 600 at all—tricky but quite effective! To specifically target your left or right oblique, simply pull out the pin on the leg unit and move it from the center position to the left or right hole. That’s it! One note of caution: When working your side oblique muscles, be sure to do the same number of reps on each side so you achieve equal development on your left and right obliques. Why not enjoy slimming and toning your Abs in the privacy of your own home? The all steel commercial quality frame will easily accommodate users in excess of 350 pounds and the frame carries a 5 year Warranty. I say this all the time: “You can’t put a price on your health!” For more information about the Power Crunch 600 or Quantum Fitness, be sure to visit their web site at:


Bruce Pechman The Muscleman of Technology® is a Technology and Fitness Expert appearing regularly on “Good Morning San Diego” (KUSI-TV) with over 70 live TV appearances. Bruce’s moniker reflects his 20 years of technology expertise and 30 years of fitness training. Visit him at