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Bruce appears on KUSI 8/13/2018
"Hi-Tech Back to School"

Bruce appears on KUSI 4/16/2018
"Hi-Tech Cleaning Machines"

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Bruce Pechman is America's Best-Built TV Technology & Fitness Personality appearing regularly on local and national TV shows. “Mr. Bicep” is also the most prolific major Consumer Technology & Health/Fitness Television Correspondent in the country and has made over 400 live TV appearances!

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Bruce Appears on KUSI TV — Hi-Tech Back to School
August 13, 2018, San Diego, CA
Bruce appeared live on the Good Morning San Diego Show. Bruce's segment theme was "Hi-Tech Back to School."
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Bruce to Appear on KUSI TV — Innovative Products for the Home
August 26, 2018, San Diego, CA
Bruce will appear live on the Good Morning San Diego show. Bruce's segment theme will be "Innovative Products for the Home."

Bruce to Appear on KUSI TV — Cool Tools for Back to School
August 31, 2018, San Diego, CA
Bruce will appear live on the Good Morning San Diego show. Bruce's segment theme will be "Cool Tools for Back to School."



    Serious as a Heart Attack

Mr. Bicep at age 61, Competing on 11/19/17 in the Men's Over 60 Bodybuilding Contest in Palm Springs (6 Months Before His Heart Attack)









OK, my big news is...I had unexpected open heart quadruple bypass surgery 4/25/18 at 61 years old. I have really terrible genetics on my Dad’s side of the family (he and his four brothers & two sisters had heart attacks) so I consider myself lucky to make it to almost 62 with ZERO health issues.

So I had a minor heart attack on 4/19 and when they tested me in the Emergency Room with an angiogram they found all 3 major arteries in my heart had between 90% and 95% blockage so I had no choice – LOL!

I guess heredity—mixed with probably way too much junk food growing up in NYC, along with too much animal whey protein from bodybuilding finally caught up with me. The good news is my heart sustained NO damage and all my valves are good!

Anyway, it has been 8 weeks after surgery on 6/20/18 and I'm recovering really well. I started Cardiac Rehab this week (3 times a week for 12 weeks), and I was just cleared to drive last week-YEAH!

I plan to resume my TV segments in September, however getting back to bodybuilding training will not happen until January 2019 when I can start lifting more significant weights.

BTW, just 6 months ago I did compete in the Men's Over 60 Bodybuilding show in Palm Springs (see picture on the left).

Finally, thanks for all your support and good wishes! Please keep in mind, as much as you probably don’t want to be reminded of the fact that heart disease is by far the #1 cause of death, it STARTS in childhood. Just like sun exposure, it’s cumulative over your lifetime.


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