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Bruce appears on KUSI 12/2/2017
"Healthy Product Gift Ideas" (first segment)

Bruce appears on KUSI 11/7/2017
"Lou Ferrigno Legacy"

Bruce Pechman is America's Best-Built TV Technology & Fitness Personality appearing regularly on local and national TV shows. “Mr. Bicep” is also the most prolific major Consumer Technology & Health/Fitness Television Correspondent in the country and has made over 400 live TV appearances!

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Bruce Appears on KUSI TV — Hot Holiday Gifts
December 29, 2017, San Diego, CA
Bruce appeared live on the KUSI News at 6. Bruce's segment theme was "Hot Holiday Gifts."

Bruce to Appear on KUSI TV — Cool Tools for Taxes
February 26, 2018, San Diego, CA
Bruce will appear live on the Good Morning San Diego Show. Bruce's segment theme will be "Cool Tools for Taxes."

Bruce to Appear on KUSI TV — Healthy Foods
March 13, 2018, San Diego, CA
Bruce will appear live on the Good Morning San Diego Show. Bruce's segment theme will be "Healthy Foods."


    Featured Review

    2016 PEDEGO “Ridge Rider” Electric Mountain Bike

Welcome to the new generation of cycling—where technology redefines your perception of fun, freedom…and no more range anxiety!

By Bruce Pechman, The Muscleman of Technology®


No Ridge Rider Left Behind
Quite honestly this is one of the more difficult reviews I’ve ever had to write. Because after test riding the Ridge Rider for 4 weeks and 155 miles, I challenge any rider not to gush from the exhilaration of pure joy that overtakes your body and mind. It’s not just me either…interview any eBike owner and you’ll get the same answers and reactions. It demonstrates how easily a high quality eBike can change your perception of how much fun riding a bicycle can be again. The magic is in the engineering, design, and feature set Pedego selected when creating the 2016 Ridge Rider.

Read the whole review here...








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