“Merry Fit-Mas

Innovative Fitness Gear


The New Year is right around the corner! Get a jump start on your New Year’s resolutions…and maybe some motivation as well! The Muscleman of Technology will demonstrate some amazing new-fangled High-Tech Fitness products to help you get in shape right now!


4G LTE Mobile Hotspot MiFi Liberate...from Novatel Wireless

www.att.com       $49.99 with 2 Year Contract


Local San Diego company Novatel Wireless introduces their next generation MiFi device called the Liberate— the world’s first intelligent mobile hotspot with a touchscreen display and the most feature rich intelligent mobile hotspot available!  The Liberates vibrant touchscreen makes it easier than ever to connect up to 10 Wi-Fi enabled devices (simultaneously) at blazing fast 4G LTE Internet speeds. With up to 11 hours of battery life, and the industry’s most advanced security features…you’ll be so happy with cursing the internet with your iPad or any tablet related internet Wi-Fi device. It’s now easier then ever to view battery life, check signal strength, or the number of connected devices etc. Perfect for travel, available only on AT&T.


Grace Digital “Mondo” - Wi-Fi Music Player & Internet Radio

www.gracedigitalaudio.com     $179.99


Local San Diego company (based in Poway), Grace Digital is a leader in Internet Radio! The Grace Digital “Mondo” Wi-Fi Music Player is Grace Digital's latest Internet Radio with a class leading 3.5" Color display. Enjoy vivid colorful station or album art while listening to your tunes and effortlessly navigate through the icon based menu system. Listen to over 18,000 free radio stations (10 Presets) and endless on-demand content from around the corner to around the world, including NPR, BBC, iHeartRadio, CBS and more. In addition, get access to premium Free music services such as Pandora, iHeartRadio and Dar.fm or premium pay services such as SiriusXM Internet Radio and Live365 VIP.  The Mondo features a built-in battery recharging circuit to recharge a Grace Digital lithium-ion battery pack--providing 100% portability with up to 6 hours of play. Located on the top of the Mondo is a large snooze/sleep bar to easily snooze any of your five unique alarms—each alarm can wake to any of your presets or buzzer! The Grace Remote control application allows you to go where no IR remote has gone before. Control one or more of your Grace Internet radios from your iPhone / iPad, Android phone, or tablet.


Kickbike     Kid’s “Free Ride” Model is $249 – Adult “Sport Max” is 479

www.kickbikeamerica.com    Price depends on model…starts at $259 for the “Free Ride Model”


What a great way to get some exercise and ride at the same time! The low center of gravity and exquisite design make the Kickbike riding experience simple, unique and fun! People take to the Kickbike ride like a duck takes to water. The Kickbike® allows the rider to carve a line on the ground like a surfer rides a wave. Because the ride is so smooth, you can lay down a lot of miles, burn a lot of calories and cover a lot of enjoyable territory. The lack of chains, gears and pedals means that Kickbikes® are not only easy and natural to use, but are extremely reliable and very simple to maintain. 

The fun, the exercise and the transportation utility of the Kickbike is remarkable! 


HAVYK Sliders

www.HAVYK.net      $89 (per HAVYK Slider)


Introducing HAVYK:  A new breed of unique multi-functional strength and conditioning equipment for elite level athletes!  HAVYK is committed to a singular purpose—to design and produce unique, multi-functional strength and conditioning equipment for top level athletes, conditioned trainers and fitness enthusiasts! Today we are featuring their latest product called the HAVYK Sliders...Made in USA! Get creative with your fitness training and use the HAVYK Sliders for upper body, lower body or both.  The Muscleman of Technology will demonstrate some of his favorite moves!


The Torsoball

www.torsoball.com      about $99.95


The TorsoBall™ pivots, rolls and balances you effortlessly with its incredible rotating handle technology giving you full control and stunning results. Simply grab the handles and leverage your bodyweight as the resistance and TorsoBall™ does the rest. Perform the signature 3 minute “one and done” core workout or full body circuit workout for even faster fat burning results. Get the body you’ve always wanted at home with the next generation exercise ball. Includes Floor Mat, Air Pump, Instruction Manual/DVD, Slig-Shot Power Cords, and Circumference Measure.  


FitDeck Workout Cue Cards

www.fitdeck.com     Each deck is about $15 to $20    FitPlate $14.95


A local San Diego company—FitDeck is a custom deck of playing cards that makes exercise more simple, convenient and fun. By shuffling the cards, you constantly create new and exciting workouts no matter what type of fitness activities you love. With 40 different titles to choose from, you are sure to find one or more FitDecks that fit into your lifestyle. FitDeck focus is on three important goals: (1) exercise, (2) training for sports, and (3) nutrition. See their site above for all the details and FitDeck categories!


ASICS Running Shoes

www.asics.com      Gel Cirrus33 in Electric Blue $150.00 & Gel Evolution 6 in Graphite $120.00


ASICS extensive range of running shoes caters to all levels of runners – professional athletes to those keeping fit. Men's & women's running shoes are split into categories to ensure the best fit for the runner’s needs: Engineered, Structured Cushioning, Maximum Support, Trail, Speed/Lightweight-Minimalist, Speed/Training and the new ASICS® 33 Collection. Today we featured the Gel Evolution 6 and Gel Cirrus33.


The Journey Gym

www.journeygym.com     Journey Gym Core Package $299


The Journey Gym is the first ever compact, portable and truly universal gym! Fitness is a journey—and the Journey Gym is the ticket in. The Journey Gym is compact and can be taken anywhere.  The program combines strength training, cardiovascular fitness, and an online support community to help people reach their fitness goals. The Journey Gym system comes with DVDs that walk you through individual workouts, with the longest one being just 20 minutes. It may not seem like a lot, but through resistance and cardio circuit training, you get a full body workout in a very short period of time.

The Journey Gym uses a proprietary resistance system which allows you to work out with between 5 and 150 pounds of resistance.


SQUARE Drinking Bottle

http://cleanbottle.com      About $45


The genius ergonomic sleek design of the SQUARE Water Bottle is a product of a 3-year collaboration between Apple engineers and a Red Dot winning designer. Its innovative simple design prevents it from rolling away and additionally features an air tight seal- double lid system that allows you to open the bottle from the top AND bottom for easy effortless cleaning. The Quick Click lids offer a leak proof seal EVERY TIME, which is absolutely ideal for the modern athlete and individuals on the go. The Square holds 22 fl.oz and is made from food grade 304 stainless steel (caps and lip are made from 100% BPA free plastic).


Fitbug Air


Premium Package is only $59.99  (Includes “Fitbug Air” & 12 months of Premium Coaching)


The new Fitbug Air, the tiny device that monitors daily activities and calories and uses Bluetooth 4 to wirelessly sync this data in real time to the latest generation of mobile devices. Fitbug's Air has a unique feature that lets users see their aerobic activity level so they can adjust their pace along with their step count—and the new Fitbug website works alongside to give instant access to key information and nutrition, with features like:


* There's no need to charge the Bug - the battery should last from four to six months.

* Simple, easy-to-navigate dashboard-style pages

* Graphics with color keys so members can instantly see if they've reached their targets

* Nutrition information that members can save, edit, and search, and select for regular meals.

* Recognition of personal activity patterns to ensure members reach their target goals.


Freewheeling Bluetooth Bike Helmet Speaker

www.soundryder.com      $149.95


FreeWheelin is the world’s most advanced stereo audio system worn on helmets by cyclists, skiers, skaters, construction workers, equestrians and more. It also functions as a high quality speakerphone for vehicle or desktop. Freedom to use your Bluetooth speakers on helmets, in the car, or in the office is really what Bluetooth freedom — or FreeWheelin — is all about!  Works with any portable audio source including iPod, iPhone, smartphones, and MP3 players and installs easily on most recreational and safety helmets. Makes and receives phone calls while in Bluetooth mode using any iPhone or Bluetooth enabled smartphone!


The CardNinja for Smartphones

www.cardninja.com      About  $17.99 each  


CardNinja was created to help men and women simplify their lives by streamlining what they carry. CardNinja is an ultra-thin, unique  way to securely hold credit/debit/ID cards and cash on the back of your phone, making it a convenient alternative to a bulky wallet.
Attaches easily to back of phone (like a sticker) and is removable, plus it holds valuables securely such as money, credit or ID cards. Holds up to 8 cards and is available in ninja black, steel, and eggplant colors. 


Dr. Colvin offers helpful tips to stay healthy with your 2013 exercise plans including:


1.      Start slow with any exercise routine to avoid injury.

2.      Participate in low impact exercises to avoid major injuries to your body.

3.      Determine the best workout plan for you based on your age,

physical condition and experience.

4.      Make sure to balance your routine with cardio and weight training.

5.      Ensure that your muscles heal following a fitness session. Take time to rest your muscles after a workout, especially if you do not exercise regularly.


Dr. Alexis Colvin is a widely recognized in the field of sports medicine. Dr. Colvin’s practice focuses on surgical treatment of knee, shoulder and hip disorders. She has served as a physician for the United States Tennis Association during the U.S. Open by providing orthopedic care to elite players, and as a physician for the New York City Triathlon.